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After accompanying his travel writer dad to the Peruvian Amazon, Paul Eisenberg had his first trip report published at age 13 in Junior Scholastic magazine and has been a fan of family travel and journalism ever since. Some years later he went on to serve as editorial director at Fodor's, where he managed a publishing program including the guidebook series Around the City with Kids and Fodor's Family. He has covered travel for, written about parenting for Nick Jr. magazine, and currently serves as a staff writer for Micato Safaris. For the last decade Paul has logged thousands of miles field testing destinations and travel strategies with his wife and three children, who fall in love with every hotel lobby they see but are happiest returning to their lobby in New York City.
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How to Sleep on a Plane

During most plane rides I twitchily drift in and out of consciousness, glancing with envy at any passenger who appears to be immersed in a controlled, replenishing nap. If, like me, you’ve never gotten the hang of sleeping on a plane or would simply like to do it better, you’re in... Read More

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What Annoys You About Travelers

Well, the results are in and they’re definitive: We annoy each other. After recently sharing my thoughts about the ten types of travelers who annoy my family, several ShermansTravel readers, travel colleagues, and friends responded in kind about the travelers who annoyed them. And in the spirit of continued sharing... Read More

Healthy Kids Menus

Offering healthier items on children’s menus will be a priority this year for restaurants nationwide, according to the National Restaurant Association, which begs the question, why now? Why are restaurants suddenly waking up to the nutritional needs of kids? The answer, quite simply, is that enough parents are finally demanding... Read More

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Travelers with kids have a fundamental thing in common with travelers who don’t have kids, which is that both groups do things on the road that annoy me and my family. I can’t speak for other vacationing parents, but I’m certain they’re familiar with some of the people described... Read More

Traveling Without Weight Gain

My two absolute favorite pastimes when I travel are eating well and not working out. Historically I’ve been able to indulge in both pastimes, as my metabolism has always been quick and I’ve never traveled with the expectation that I ought to return home in better shape than when... Read More

MoMath Tree Display

If your family was wandering through New York City’s Flatiron District and stumbled across a museum you knew nothing about other than its name – in this case, the National Museum of Mathematics, aka MoMath – would you pay the admission ($16 for adults, $10 for children 12 and under;... Read More


Hotels chains across the industry have spent years vigorously trying to one-up each other when it comes to who can provide the best amenities, freebies, and services for families, and one of the best side-effects of this competition is that some airlines are beginning to follow suit. Warren Chang, vice... Read More


Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days of the week to book the cheapest plane tickets, a home exchange is a tidy way to save money on lodging, and a restaurant that serves the same entree at lunch and dinner often charges less for it at lunchtime. These are... Read More


I’m not privy to the contents of many suitcases other than my own, but I suspect that my strategy of packing minimal clothing, toiletries, and electronics into a single carry-on bag isn’t all that unique. However, after a couple years of heavier-than-usual travel with the same cramped bag, my strategy... Read More


Three years ago I called Rochester’s Strong National Museum of Play the best kids museum you never heard of and I’m betting that, until a few seconds ago, you still hadn’t heard of it. And that’s fine, because after recently reassessing the museum, I’ve revised my opinion. The Strong is... Read More


Last week my family and I spent more than 15 hours on a round-trip Amtrak journey, our first major train ride together. Thanks to some simple planning, an above-average performance by Amtrak, and a little bit of luck, we had a pleasurable experience – one you and your brood... Read More


Last week, while a few of my fellow travel writers were sharing their favorite family destinations for 2013, my colleague Eileen Ogintz was shepherding her own family through the Bahamas. That made me a little jealous, but also eager to talk with Ogintz –a syndicated family travel columnist, author, and... Read More

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If you don’t know what Bulgaria, London, Milwaukee, Montana, and New Zealand have in common, it’s my pleasure to remind you that they’re all places some of my well-traveled colleagues identified as worthy family vacation destinations for 2012. Given that a new year is upon us and my friends are... Read More


On a whim last year, I turned to my children and asked them to suggest ways hotels, restaurants, and airlines might better serve vacationing kids. Their responses were enlightening and entertaining enough for a sequel, and that’s what we have here! What I had forgotten from the last time was... Read More


Given that bags really haven’t changed much over the last century, Dutch entrepreneur Marijn Berk’s charmingly absolute Jedi Mind Trick suggestion that bags, “no longer meet our needs,” makes me want to respond, “Bags no longer meet my needs, please tell me more, Marijn.” He does, in his video... Read More