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After accompanying his travel writer dad to the Peruvian Amazon, Paul Eisenberg had his first trip report published at age 13 in Junior Scholastic magazine and has been a fan of family travel and journalism ever since. Some years later he went on to serve as editorial director at Fodor's, where he managed a publishing program including the guidebook series Around the City with Kids and Fodor's Family. He has covered travel for, written about parenting for Nick Jr. magazine, and currently serves as a staff writer for Micato Safaris. For the last decade Paul has logged thousands of miles field testing destinations and travel strategies with his wife and three children, who fall in love with every hotel lobby they see but are happiest returning to their lobby in New York City.
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Coupon Travel

If you’re like me you don’t buy things online – gadgets, vintage jackets, burritos, or any other product – without first scouring the Internet for a promo code that you can use to discount your purchase. Only recently did I realize that several of my favorite coupon sites could... Read More

iPhone Travel Apps

Twitter has become an incredible tool for finding great travel deals. The tough part, however, is digging through endless handles and following ones that will actually save you money. Here are some tried-and-true Twitter accounts that we love. (And of course, we always recommend that you follow @ShermansTravel for... Read More

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Weird Free Hotel Amenities

Last year when I surveyed the hotel amenities landscape I was wowed by an in-room light switch I discovered in my hotel room that allowed me to toggle on a “Do Not Disturb” light outside my door – rather than dealing with the cumbersome task of opening the door... Read More

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New Jersey Shore Father's Day Events

It’s no secret that New Jersey has grit. Post Hurricane Sandy, the Garden State is indeed stronger than the storm and is resolutely opening its beaches. The state is also doing whatever it takes to lure travelers with an aggressive schedule of events, including several over Father’s Day weekend. Whatever... Read More

How to Have a Staycation

Too broke or strapped for time to take a real family vacation this summer? Here are 10 ways to simulate the joys of going away for a week or weekend while staying right where you are. ... Read More

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Family Tour of St. Mark's Place NYC

You may think of St. Mark’s Place in New York City as seedy and for college students exclusively. But, after emerging from the #6 subway station at Astor Place, turn your back on the looming Starbucks and K-Mart, stroll east past the tilted black cube sculpture, and walk two... Read More

Common Airport Mistakes and Fixes

Every time I set foot in an airport I’m overtaken by the urge to look like I know what I’m doing, which is quickly followed by a desire to actually know what I’m doing. And sometimes I fail on both counts. While I’ve learned much about travel the hard way, I... Read More

Solving Vacation Boredom

Martha Gellhorn, a war correspondent and Ernest Hemingway’s third wife, was also a travel writer who once noted that “my definition of what makes a journey wholly or partially horrible is boredom.” Among the travelers who’d strongly agree with Gellhorn’s words are multitudes of children who grimly realize that their... Read More

Giovanni Rana Pasta Class

Up until recently, had you told me that longtime Italy pasta maker Giovanni Rana was serving up fresh artisanal-filled pasta in New York City (which they’ve been doing quietly in Chelsea Market since last November) my reaction would have been “so what?” as I had pretty much had my... Read More

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National Buffalo Wing Festival

There is a vast and under-appreciated tract of land on the eastern seaboard that goes by the name of New York state, and my family’s wanderlust for seeing more of it was ignited during a recent jaunt to Rochester and its magnificent Strong National Museum of Play. I’m almost ashamed to admit... Read More

Packing List for Families

After crafting my list of 10 travel accessories too tiny not to pack it naturally became harder to come up with additional things worth listing. But once I looked through the lens of traveling with a family, specifically my own, I realized there were four obvious things that families... Read More

Union Station Chicago

Airports in major cities have become so fancy in recent years with their myriad of stores and eateries, spa services, and other novel experiences that killing time while waiting for a flight isn’t nearly the chore it used to be. And while travelers don’t expect that they’ll have to kill... Read More

Evolution Pillow

A few weeks ago I got some swell tips from frequent travelers about how to sleep on a plane, but didn’t have time to touch on travel accessories engineered to assist with said sleep. Reviewing this vast pantheon of gadgets, gizmos and elixirs would no doubt take more time... Read More

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Spring Baseball in Chicago

I can’t prove it yet, but I’m certain Chicago has figured out how to transmit commands directly into the brains of its visitors so that upon arrival, you feel compelled to visit the Art Institute of Chicago, buy a sausage overladen with toppings, and if it’s springtime, catch a... Read More

Spring Travel Deals

If you’re reading this post in a part of the world where winter has not yet gracefully given way to spring, you’re no doubt longing to escape to a place with the precise weather you want. But what if you haven’t planned a spring getaway and don’t exactly have... Read More