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    Canopy hotels - Hilton's new brand
    Canopy by Hilton

    Cool stops being cool the moment it feels deliberate, and a boutique hotel isn’t boutique if its “originality” can be mass-produced. That’s why Hilton won’t use the B-word to describe Canopy, the company’s newest lifestyle brand, as it builds momentum for an early 2016 debut in Reykjavik, Iceland. But... Read More

    A balcony in Catalonia
    Gràcia Nationalism/Melissa Wozniak

    The first stroll around town after a transcontinental flight is always disorientating, but in Barcelona, a bleary-eyed traveler might check her passport to make sure she’s in the right place. This is Spain, right? Technically speaking, yes. But ask any Barcelona native and you’ll get a different answer. The city... Read More

    Girona, Spain - Melissa Wozniak
    Girona Perspectives/Melissa Wozniak

    Gothic fantasies are born in Old Town Girona, which lies over the River Onyar in Spain. Here, cobblestoned paths twist and turn through hushed corridors, and a palette of ochre and umber always seems to reflect late-afternoon sun. Best of all, it’s under 40 minutes from Barcelona — perfect... Read More