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Mike Barish's earliest exposure to travel was on family trips to Disney World and his grandparents' condo in South Florida. Since then, he has traveled from Iceland to Indonesia to India to countries whose names do not begin with the letter I. His work has appeared in Gadling, The San Francisco Chronicle, Budget Travel, World Hum, One+ and National Geographic Traveler’s Intelligent Travel blog. He hosted Chevrolet’s Cruze-arati web series as well as SOYJOY’s Real Take On series. He has also appeared on CBS News and NBC New York as an expert on SkyMall products. He brings his expertise and humor to ShermansTravel.
Mophie Juice Pack Air

If you’re constantly on the move – or even just spend the occasional day in transit – you know how stressful it can be when your iPhone alerts you that you’ve dipped below 20 percent battery life. What happens if you’re on a plane (and not lucky enough to... Read More

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Biffy Bag

Here at SkyMall Tuesday headquarters, we’re no strangers to products that help us heed the call of nature no matter where we find ourselves. Whether you’re stuck on a long road trip, out for a hike, or spending the day on the water, bathrooms aren’t always conveniently located. In... Read More


Somewhere between the liver shared by history’s most famous set of conjoined twins and the wall of eye abnormalities, I learned that not all museums are created equal. I was in my late teens when I first visited the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia and had already developed a pretty... Read More

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Costa Concordia cruise ship

If you’ve ever been to a child’s birthday party, you know how hard it is to wrangle all the kids together once the activities have started. Forget to inform them of a rule? Realized you need to change the plan? Once they’re laser tagging/bowling/tumbling/rollerskating, it’s pretty hard to bring... Read More

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    Turkey Foot Back Scratcher

    Humans have odd relationships with animal feet. We’ve decided that rabbits’ feet are good luck. Pigs’ feet are good eats. Monkeys’ paws grant wishes and also teach us lessons. Of course, you might not believe that any of these things are true (pigs’ feet are an acquired taste). Of... Read More

    Tretorn Skerry Vinter boots

    We’ve already offered you gift guides for all types of travelers. But with just a few days left before Christmas (and Chanukah already in the rear view mirror), I’m sharing a few more of my favorite pieces of gear, just in case you’ve been putting off all of your... Read More

    Dropcam HD camera

    While it’s great to get away from the stresses of work, bills, and chores by going on vacation, being away from home creates a new cause for concern: the well-being of your house, belongings, and even pets that remain at home. When you head out of town – or... Read More

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    I wanted to hate this one. I mean, it’s not all that different than the ol’ SkyMall Tuesday favorite, Carlashes. I never should have doubted SkyMall, though. I’ve been hard on them lately. My expectations are high. But how can I hate a product that helps us get more... Read More

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      Pugz shoes dogs boots

      We love dogs here at SkyMall Tuesday HQ. We have two of our own. They’re both rescues. So we appreciate random dog cuteness. We’re very pro-dog. However, we’re pretty anti-dog clothing. Sure, some small dogs that can’t keep themselves warm might require a coat on cold winter days. But... Read More

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        Grand Trunk Hooded Blackout Pillow

        A couple of days late but no worse for wear, SkyMall Tuesday (yes, I know it’s Thursday) is back with another installment. My mind, as it often does, wandered toward travel again this week. There is no lack of choice when it comes to travel pillows, and SkyMall offers... Read More

        Rio de Janeiro

        It’s simple supply and demand. You don’t need to be an economist to understand that concept. And when it comes to hotel rooms in Brazil, tourists may soon find themselves on the right side of the equation. With the country playing host to the 2014 FIFA World Cup (that’s... Read More

        Train travel, whether for commuting or vacation, can be delightful. It’s slower than air travel, but it offers breathtaking scenery and a trip back in time to a more romantic era of adventure. Of course, traveling by train has its dangers. This video from Metro Trains Melbourne offers a... Read More

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          Poor Segway. It was billed as the future of transportation. Sadly, it never caught on (and isn’t street legal in many major cities). The owner of the company died when he fell off of a cliff…while riding a Segway (there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?). That failure... Read More

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          Turkey Referee Hat

          Holiday travel should be about escaping your workaday routine, taking time to find the proper perspective on life, and savoring the truly important things. Of course, we all know that getting away during this time of year is never that simple. All too often, holiday travel is remembered for... Read More

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            One of a Kind Shirt

            One of the hardest aspects of traveling is simply figuring out what to pack. Baggage fees have made checking bags an expensive pain, so it’s critical to pack efficiently. You want to have a diversity of outfits, especially if your scheduled activities vary from casual to formal. But you... Read More