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Ever since living in Paris, France, for two years as a young child, Liz Webber knew she was meant to spend her days trekking the globe and discovering new lands. A childhood in small-town Connecticut led way to college in New York City at NYU, including a travel-filled semester in London. After getting a taste of travel writing at Budget Travel and NYU's travel magazine, she returned to France for a year of work abroad and enjoying la vie Parisienne. Now back in the Big Apple, Liz brings her international savvy to ShermansTravel as a member of the online team. Most Recent Trip: St. Croix Next Trip: Portland, OR

It is with misty eyes and a bit of a sniffle that I pen my last post for ShermansTravel (although maybe that’s just from all the dust my desk has accumulated). After nearly three years as a member of this amazing editorial team, it’s time to print out my... Read More

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Chicago bike share

Last spring, we picked the Top 10 Cities for Cycling, those U.S. locales where bike lanes, cycler safety, and easy access to two-wheeled transportation all rank high for residents and visitors alike. Four of those cities – Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and St. Petersburg, Florida – were... Read More

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    MileagePlus Digital Media Store

    Today’s announcement of a new online media store for United MileagePlus members seemed like a good idea: use your extra frequent flyer miles to fill up your iPad or other device with music, movies, and TV shows for flights. But then I saw the price tags for said media... Read More

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    Cunard Mediterranean Sale

    We’d love if every cruise we took could be aboard a luxury liner like the Queen Elizabeth, but budget constraints normally keep us from splurging on all that opulence and personal service. However, these amazing, limited time fares – up to 60 percent off – on Cunard’s fall Mediterranean... Read More

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    Hotel guest satisfaction

    There’s a lot to gripe about these days when it comes to the general travel experience: checked bag fees, ticket change fees, forgot-to-fill-up-your-tank-before-returning-your-rental-car fees (did we mention there are a lot of fees?). Surprisingly, though, guests report overall high satisfaction with hotel costs and fees, according to an annual... Read More

    London Olympics 2012

    It was bound to happen: London hotels have finally realized no one wants to pay the overly inflated prices to stay during the Olympics, and now they are slashing rates in the hopes of filling those empty rooms. Online hotel search site Trivago notes that London hotel availability is... Read More

    Polo at Coworth Park

    We were impressed by Dorchester’s latest property, Coworth Park, when it first opened, but a new offering only adds to the allure of this English countryside haven. Already the only hotel in the U.K. with its own polo grounds, Coworth Park now allows guests to join in on the... Read More

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      Virgin America

      Two of our favorite budget airlines are ramping up the perks for their most frequent flyers. JetBlue and Virgin America both announced yesterday new elite status levels that will give loyal customers special privileges and freebies – and for one Virgin flyer, a chance to travel aboard a Virgin... Read More

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      American Airlines

      American Airlines has revealed details of the cabin interiors for some of the 460 new planes currently on order, and boy do they look snazzy. It seems AA is finally on track to catch up with the rest of the U.S. domestic carriers with seatback entertainment screens in every... Read More

      Hotel Diva Perrier Lounge

      Forget champagne bars – when you want a glass of bubbly, shouldn’t it be more hydrating with a bit fewer calories? That’s where the Perrier Lounge at San Francisco’s Hotel Diva comes in. The brand-new common space boasts 30-foot walls painted Perrier green and accented by round mirrors, as... Read More

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      Compagnie du Ponant

      Continuing a trend in upscale cruising, luxury yacht cruise line Compagnie du Ponant has ditched the pay-as-you-go model for onboard amenities in favor of a single price tag for the entire cruise. Effective immediately, pricing for all new bookings will now include meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (both from... Read More

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      New United flights to Caribbean

      With temperatures soaring across most of the country, it’s hard for some of us to think about baking in the Caribbean sun. However, cold weather will be here before you know it, and with it a slew of new flights from the East Coast and Midwest to take advantage... Read More

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      Gregory Border backpack

      In today’s world of constant connectivity, odds are you’re going to be traveling with a laptop or tablet, even while on vacation. One of the worst parts of that experience is going through the rigmarole of unloading your laptop before enduring airport security procedures – while at the same... Read More

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      July 4

      This year’s July 4th holiday falling on a Wednesday has a lot of Americans grumbling about a missed opportunity for an extra short vacation. So what can you do? Here are five suggestions for making the most of your midweek day off. 1. Explore your hometown. Is there an obscure... Read More

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      Colonnade Hotel

      Though we’re all glad for the warmer weather in summer, when temperatures spike too high it can really be a drag on your vacation. Not anymore! With a bevy of hotel discounts tied to the outside temperature you’ll be praying for a scorcher. Book a two-night stay at the Colonnade... Read More