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Laura Motta had lived in NYC for five years when she quit her life and moved to Paris. While she was in Europe, she cultivated a taste for macarons, got sunburned on many French and Italian beaches, and became obsessed with travelling artfully – and frugally. Before coming to ShermansTravel, where she is currently the Director of Publishing, she worked as an editor at Everyday Health and iVillage. She hails from Massachusetts.
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Via Rail Canada

Proof that Canada’s VIA Rail train is so much more than a basic commuter train? When you disembark, you’ll feel sad saying goodbye to the conductors. Two of our favorites, who held court in touring class on VIA Rail’s “Skeena” route across mountainous, snow-capped British Columbia, were Patrick and Gilbert.... Read More

Grizzly Bear

On the rugged coast of British Columbia, 40 miles from the Alaska border, there’s a wildlife park without trails or camp sites. There is no potable water and no boating. Fishing and hunting are not permitted, and there are stern warnings against bringing pets. Visitors can only enter with... Read More

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Orlando at night

There’s a reason why Florida is one of the country’s top vacation destinations. From gorgeous beaches to vibrant cities to the world’s most popular theme parks, the state offers plenty of options for a great getaway. The best part? Reasonable airfare from most parts of the U.S. makes it... Read More

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Westinmaui1 Sized

Hawaii is the ultimate seasonal paradox. Crowds flock there when the weather is bad… everywhere else. The weather on the islands, however, stays blissfully consistent year-round, so if you can manage a trip in the spring or autumn, you’ll likely face fewer people, and better prices. A great hotel option... Read More