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A guestroom at Ladder Ranch in Caballo, New Mexico
Guestroom/Ladder Ranch

When it comes to viewing wildlife, exploring otherworldly landscapes, and unplugging from everyday life, travelers frequently turn to Africa’s grassy game preserves, the lush jungles of Central America and Southeast Asia, and coastal havens like Alaska and Antarctica. But when media mogul and conservationist Ted Turner opened his Ladder Ranch and... Read More

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In-room personal shopping experience at DUKES Hotel in London, England
In-room personal shopping experience/DUKES Hotel

Gone are the days when taking a vacation meant simply checking into a hotel and spending every waking minute by the pool (though sometimes, it’s a tempting thought). Now, travelers are in search of complete experiences, planning well-rounded itineraries that include top hotels, great restaurants, and excursions that earn... Read More

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Dorado Bedroom at Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas
Dorado bedroom at Kamalame Cay/Michael Paniccia

Thanks to the seclusion, privacy, and white-glove service they offer — think: private chefs, butlers, and other yours-only amenities — villas are among the most romantic types of accommodation out there. And with Valentine’s Day being TODAY, what better time to check out a few of the world’s newest... Read More