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Ørestad, Copenhagen
Flickr/Maria Eklind

If you’re planning a trip to Copenhagen and don’t want to stay in the crowded city center, consider its up-and-coming green neighborhood of Ørestad. Development started in 1995 after a team of Finnish architects (ARKKI) won an international architectural competition to plan the district. Though some areas are still... Read More

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The Nordland Railway by the Artic sirclen-Foto Fossum_72dpi_1280x857px_E_NR-2102
Eurail/Martin Kers

Train travel is a great way to get around on vacation, especially if you want to slowly immerse yourself into a destination. Sure, flights are often quicker if you’re traveling to multiple cities, but the train offers better views and allows you to forgo the hassle of airports and security lines. That’s... Read More

Animator's Palate, Disney Magic
Christine Dayao/Animator’s Palate, Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Line is known for being kid-friendly, but contrary to popular belief, adults without kiddos can enjoy themselves on a Disney ship. From experience, we’ve been one of the many childless adults on board and have seen a number of families with fully grown “kids.” So why are grown-ups... Read More