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Karen comes from a small town in Scotland and, before moving to New York City, lived in Japan, Chile, Australia, the Czech Republic and Iceland. Her writing has appeared at The Guardian, BBC Travel, Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Bridal Guide and more. Find her at her website, on Twitter and at
Websites to Help You Plan Your Trip

For better or worse, a lot of the mystery of travel has been eliminated by the internet. Google Street View allows us to experience new places without standing up from our computers and websites like Tripadvisor and Yelp tell us what to expect when we do. We’re grateful, however... Read More

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Great European Train Trips

Eurostar recently tested service between London and Aix-en-Provence. Later this year, the TGV will begin running a direct service between Paris and Barcelona, and, starting in 2016, a new Deutsche Bahn route through the Channel Tunnel will link London to Amsterdam, Cologne, and Frankfurt. Ditching Europe’s budget airlines in favor... Read More

After-Hours Museum Parties

A visit to the museum needn’t be a serious, subdued affair – despite whatever you were told on the field trips of your school days. Many museums are catching on to the trend of keeping doors open after hours so that guests can combine a love of art and culture... Read More

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5 Infamous Mountains You Can Climb

How to explain humans’ fascination with climbing mountains? Perhaps by paraphrasing doomed Everest climber George Mallory: “Because (they’re) there.” While it still takes superhuman fitness, endurance and nerve, not to mention years of experience, to scale the world’s tallest peaks, the summits of a few legendary mountains are accessible even to... Read More

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Serene Parks in Chaotic Cities

Big cities make for great vacations. The culture and palpable energy is a large part of why so many people gravitate toward the world’s great cities and put up with, even embrace, the hustle and bustle. Sometimes, though, even the most committed city traveler feels the need to check... Read More


Iceland has long been a typical stopover for passengers making the trip between North America and Europe, and Icelandair has now capitalized on Reykjavík’s perfect mid-North Atlantic location by offering passengers on flights from the U.S.A. or Canada free stopovers of up to seven days. If, however, you are... Read More