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James Sturz is the author of the novel “Sasso,” set in a hill town in southern Italy, and contributed to “Italy: The Best Travel Writing from The New York Times” and “Best Food Writing 2007.” He has written for more than 70 publications and reported from more than 30 countries, many of them with 40-plus pounds of scuba gear in tow. He is based in New York, where he also teaches travel writing for Mediabistro.
The Peninsula

The first time I stayed at the Peninsula Hong Kong, in spring 2011, it seemed pretty great. A weather station on the roof dispatched temperature and humidity readings to the rooms, front-desk messages arrived by silent fax, and a “valet box” allowed freshly shined shoes and newspapers to be... Read More

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East Beijing

For many travelers, having plentiful amenities within arms reach makes for a great trip. Those who travel abroad would rather not squander downtime – or cash – trying to hunt down a bite to eat or a place to relax. For lovers of art, hearty meals, and fat wallets... Read More

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

Let’s say you find yourself in Bermuda, but you’re not really a knee-socks-and-shorts kind of guy. Let’s say you prefer thongs and slings, or maybe nothing at all. And let’s say your lady friend has forgotten her swimsuit at home, and she’s not taken with the British colony’s selections... Read More

Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa

The important thing to remember about manta rays – 3,000-pound creatures with wingspans reaching up to 22 feet – is that they’re born with their wings wrapped around their bodies, like manta-ray burritos. Want a little more? They gobble up to 300 pounds of plankton daily, by executing octuple... Read More

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Let’s say you want a warm-weather resort with all the standards: beaches, spa, assorted pools, water sports, tennis, golf. There are a lot to choose from. But now let’s say you also don’t want to travel far, and there have to be monkeys. Lots of them. And coatis, parrots and... Read More


On November 17, JetBlue threw two parties. The first was at JFK’s Terminal 5, just before 9am, with cupcakes, coffee, smoothies, and a three-man steel band. The second was six hours later in Liberia, Costa Rica, marking the airline’s inaugural flight to the capital of the Guanacaste province, JetBlue’s... Read More

Four Seasons Hong Kong

While there are many reasons to visit Hong Kong, one of the biggest is the food. At a sensorial level, the city is awash with flavors, textures, and ingredients that even the most experienced Chinese-food connoisseur will find startling and sublime. At a statistical level, only Paris and three... Read More

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    Fierro Hotel Boutique

    Let’s say it’s your fourth day in Buenos Aires, and you’ve already dined at steakhouses like Cabaña Las Lilas, El Obrero, and La Brigada (where they carve the “special cut” with a spoon), and now you’re ready to take matters into your own hands. Let’s even say you’ve picked... Read More

    General Mac Arthur

    This spring I found myself in Manila, perhaps an unlikely choice for a city vacation, but the obvious first stop if your ultimate goal is to loll on any of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands, as mine was. Most visitors to Manila spend a layover night at the better-known chain... Read More

    Four Seasons Carmelo

    Most visitors to Buenos Aires know the Río de la Plata as the widest river in the world, reaching 136 miles across. But by the Dársena Norte in Puerto Madero, it’s only 14 miles – or 75 minutes by Buquebus ferry – to the Uruguayan coast, making it perfect... Read More

    Turks and Caicos resort

    When Amanyara opened in Turks and Caicos in 2006, its goal was to be different from everywhere else. Amanresorts’ first – and only – Caribbean property foreswore Providenciale’s 12-mile-long Grace Bay Beach, and built instead on 99 acres off Northwest Point, alongside an 18,000-acre nature preserve and comparatively modest... Read More


    We’ve all seen pictures of polar bears on receding sheets of ice, but it wasn’t until I flew to the western shore of Hudson Bay, in northern Manitoba, that I understood you could get so close to them you could appreciate the fearsome moistness of their snouts, the awesome... Read More

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      There are five Aman resorts in Indonesia: One in Java, three in Bali, and one on Moyo Island, 150 miles east of Bali on the Flores Sea. Which you choose should depend on what you want, but if you can’t decide various packages (with names like “Aman Bali Experience”... Read More