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Jennifer Bernstein is the managing editor of Sherman's Travel magazine, and holds a Masters of Science in Publishing from New York University. She brings a background from Trump magazine and Good Housekeeping. Jennifer enjoys helping to define "smart luxury," even if it means flying 14 hours in business class to Johannesburg, and then walking with lions in Zimbabwe. Most recent trip: Indio, California. Next Trip: Killington, Vermont.

It was only a few years ago that our our noses turned up (and stomachs too) at the thought of dining in a hotel restaurant. Lucky for all, the tables have turned as empty seats are now filled with guests who flock to make hotel dining reservations and to... Read More

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Checking into Chicago? How about a gangsta-style stay that pays tribute to Al Capone, America’s most notorious mob boss? Some 63 years after his life of crime, there are hotels, tours—even theater productions that offer an inside glimpse into Capone’s life. With a crime circuit that stretched across Chicago’s... Read More


Every dog will have a great day thanks to the new “Doggies Day Out” program at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. Guests of the resort who miss their furry friends while on vacation will not only do good to walk a shelter dog from the local Humane Society of the... Read More

Baked Ziti

Instead of another round of blackjack or poker, why not try your hand at cooking up a gourmet meal? Sure you may be losing money at the tables, but you’ll be saving some cash by cooking at your suite‘s fancy kitchen. The latest amenity from The Signature at MGM... Read More

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Groan. 2009 tax returns are due in two days, and in an effort to fill pockets (and in some cases, stomachs!) hotels, b&b’s, and restaurants have been rolling out extra amenties to sweeten the deal, entice you to visit, or let’s be honest…spend that forthcoming refund. Here’s a roundup... Read More

Police Escort

Tickets to the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia are notoriously difficult to come by–unless you have a lot of money or settle for attending a practice round. However golf fans who are eager to follow their favorite golf stars on the green can find their way in through some... Read More


While the slick Cooper Square Hotel is no gritty downtown club and many young bands now play their first shows in Brooklyn instead of the East Village, the hotel is paying homage to the neighborhood’s music legacy by starting its own concert series. As part of the hotel’s new... Read More

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Known as the Algonquin Round Table, some of the most influential literary minds of our time met at the Algonquin Hotel to share stories, opinions and meals, thus shaping the American literary landscape. Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and Robert E Sherwood were among the regulars (and founders) of the... Read More

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Honey bees

With honeybees rapidly disappearing in the U.S. over the last couple years, one hotel is stepping in to save black and yellow buzzers and the sweet golden nectar they provide. The Fairmont Washington D.C. recently let 105,000 honeybees check in to three new hives on the hotel’s roof.... Read More


Visiting and getting around a new city is never easy–but biking is fun, great exercise, and offers fantastic views of any new place. We’ve previously covered the trend of hotels offering loaner bikes for guests, and it looks like the amenity is continuing to spread like wildfire. As of... Read More


We’re crazy about our pets–and the White House is too. But just because Bo is getting all the special attention doesn’t mean that your pooch can’t be treated the same as “First Dog.” We’ve found some unique hotels and packages that cater to man’s best friend—with some interesting amenities... Read More

Ali from Montage Beverly Hills

The hotel staff may be the ultimate amenity. They are the welcoming faces, the helpful hands to your room, an insider who knows how to get a reservation—basically, they make or break your stay in a new destination. Lately I’ve been reading up on some of these behind-the-scene staffers... Read More

South African Airways Wine Service

Rarely impressed by the airline industry’s food and beverage service, I was recently won over by South African Airways (SAA) in-flight wine selection. En route to Johannesburg I swirled a white that was just too good to be served on a plane–until I learned the history of how it... Read More

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Bath Butler Champagne

We first wrote about the most expensive bath ever in the Summer 2008 issue of Sherman’s Travel. Featuring a 350-gallon infinity tub full of 1000-liters of Evian water, it’s quite possibly the most indulgent soak at $11,000. Guests of the Hotel Victor, South Beach, can only access this hyper-hydro... Read More

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baby bottle

Used to be that the words “luxury getaway” and “baby” only appeared in the same sentence when couples were discussing their baby-moons: “Oh, we just want to squeeze in one last luxury getaway before we have a baby.” Well, here’s some great news for parents with newborns: There’s no... Read More