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Hannah Warren spent the last academic semester abroad in Strasbourg, France, but made it a point to visit as many fabled cities as possible. Her semester culminated in a two-week circular journey through Germany, the Czech Republic, and back through the incredibly scenic southern and western coasts of France. She is eager to make the transition from hostels to hotels, and from country to city, as she settles in New York for a summer with ShermansTravel Media.
Billy The Kid

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has offered a $10,000 bounty on the head of William H. Bonney, or “Billy the Kid,” New Mexico’s most famous historical criminal. The reward is equivalent to the $500 dollar reward offered for Billy the Kid in 1881 (adjusted for inflation), when Governor Lew... Read More

Motorcycle Adventures

My parents didn’t explicitly forbid me from riding a motorcycle. There was never a “Not while you’re living under my roof!” response to pleas for my very own Harley Davidson, because, well, I never asked. That’s because I knew what the answer would be before I tried (my father’s... Read More

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Atlantis Launch, 2009

As the crowd waiting at Cape Canaveral to see today’s lift-off of the Atlantis shuttle – the farewell song for the U.S. space shuttle program – held their collective breath and prayed for good weather, museums across the country have finished a waiting game of their own. Established air and... Read More

So Wa Open Market

Boston’s South End has a growing attraction for anyone who appreciates community-centered commerce and fun. The SoWa (South of Washington Street) Arts District specializes in attracting the über-cool, offering a vast selection of handcrafted accessories, indie designer clothing, and vintage wares at its SoWa Sundays ( The weekly event... Read More

Tricycle Rentals At The Plaza Hotel

For all those adults out there who love expressing their inner child, it’s now a very real possibility in New York City’s Central Park. The storied Plaza Hotel, conveniently located on the southern edge of the park, will offer a Tricycle Garage starting July 1. Both hotel guests and... Read More

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The Queen Mary 2

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) inspection onboard Cunard’s luxe Queen Mary 2 gave the ship a failing sanitary score. The inspection report, which mentions the discovery of cockroaches in a food storage bin, dirt and corrosion found on the deck of one of the ship’s splash... Read More

Mazatlan Port

Princess Cruises is cutting ports of call to Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlán along the Mexican Riviera, despite the fact that the U.S. Department of State’s omitted the two cities on its updated Travel Warnings list. Princess claims broad security concerns present in the region as the reasoning behind the... Read More

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Smoking Banned

Come January, Princess Cruises will enforce a fleet-wide ban on smoking in passenger staterooms and on private balconies. The announcement comes following company research results showing that smokers comprise just a small minority of the line’s passengers, and that the majority of cruisers value having a smoke-free environment onboard.... Read More

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    Tel Aviv

    The recent political developments in Northern Africa and the Middle East were enough to deter even the most diehard travelers from vacationing in much of the region. But Israel’s tourism industry is profiting big-time, in spite of the decline experienced by its neighbors – last year, the number of... Read More

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    Disney Cruise Line

    What could possibly improve the Disney cruise experience for a family with kids in tow? How about bringing the brood along for free on select Disney Cruise Lines’ sailings?! Kids 17 and under do indeed sail for free when traveling on promotional Mexican Riviera sailings in the accompaniment of... Read More