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Darren Murph has roamed the consumer electronics landscape for nearly a decade, earning a Guinness World Record as the planet’s most prolific professional blogger along the way. He's covered technology and travel for various publications over the past six years, and calls the great state of North Carolina home. He's driven a motorized vehicle in all 50 U.S. states, walked to Nicaragua from Costa Rica, and jumped off of a 40 foot cliff marking the southernmost point in America. He's married to perhaps the best photographer in the known universe, and is a father to a hilarious French Bulldog/Boston Terrier pup named Gangster. Hobbies include vacationing on airline miles and figuring out if it's truly possible to retain an internet connection in every corner of the globe.
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South Africa Rand
Darren Murph

Getting a deeper discount on already discounted travel? Nothing else makes a savvy, value-conscious traveler happier. That’s exactly where a handful of internet browser extensions come in. Install them for Chrome, Safari, or whichever browser you prefer, and they’ll let you know when coupons and cash back opportunities are... Read More

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American Airlines Airplane at HNL
Darren Murph

Seat kickers and armrest hogs are all nuisances, but there’s no nightmare like getting your flight cancelled or massively delayed. Enter Freebird, a new travel startup that’s designed to prevent headaches like waiting in long lines to speak with a gate agent, or being on hold for two hours. It’s a rebooking service... Read More

Airbnb Apple TV app

There’s no denying it: Airbnb has entered into a new era. What began as a small, cutesy place where web-savvy homeowners could rent their property has become a powerhouse of its own. As the company broadens its horizons in paving new roads in hospitality, it’s been very busy forging new partnerships and introducing more... Read More

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G-RO: Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage from Netta shalgi. Hardly a month passes in the travel industry that we don’t catch wind of a new piece of luggage, but Travel-Light’s latest is something that’s got our attention. One quick look at G-RO and you’ll see that the rollaboard has an entirely different... Read More

Kalawao Sea Cliffs at Kalaupapa National Historical Park, Molokai, Hawaii
Darren Murph

Many of America’s great treasures lie within the National Park System. The Grand Canyon, Yosemite’s Half Dome, Denali, and the largest mangrove ecosystem in the western hemisphere are all protected by the federal government, set aside for future generations to enjoy. These spectacular places are mostly public lands —... Read More

Ford in Oregon
Darren Murph

We all love a good road trip. But the problem is that sometimes we only want to drive one way — and in almost every instance, U.S. rental car agencies tack on anywhere between $100 and $1,000 to drop a vehicle at a location other than the one you... Read More

glamping at the resort at paws up in montana (river camp tent)
The Resort at Paws Up

Glamorous camping — or glamping — may have started out as a niche for extremely wealthy travelers or hardcore adventurists. But ever since safaris became all the rage a few years back, this mode of luxury tenting has been broadening and becoming a stronger force than ever. Most recently... Read More


Waiting is rarely easy, and almost never enjoyable, but it’s an inevitable part of travel. During the dark ages, conventional wisdom suggested that one show up well in advance in case of any snags along the way. But these days technology is enabling us to guess less and anticipate... Read More

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Delta Connection
Darren Murph

There’s something serendipitous about travel, and nothing exemplifies the term more so than showing up to the airport without a ticket and hoping to get somewhere. Flying standby was once just that: a method of saving big bucks on airfare when your schedule was immensely flexible. Sadly, those days are gone.... Read More

Santorini, Greece Coastline
Darren Murph

The Greece default crisis has been all over the news in past weeks. If it feels as if you’ve heard this before, it’s because you have. In 2010, Greece was saved from financial ruin by bailouts courtesy of the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. In the... Read More

CLEAR Airport Kiosk

When it comes to airport security, it’s tough to get excited. Long lines, frustrated passengers, and forgetting to remove your liquids bag are all par for the course. As most of us know, TSA’s Precheck program, now a few years old, attempts to speed up the process for frequent... Read More

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Nokia Here Apps

Today, smartphones are arguably better navigators than those traditional GPS units that sit on the dashboard, thanks to real-time map updates and an infinitely searchable database. That’s as long as you have internet connection, of course. But what happens when you’re in a remote region here in the States... Read More

Facebook, Emergency Alerts
Darren Murph

The recent Nepal earthquake is devastating, but it’s worth noting that, in the wake of disaster, a handful of technology companies have stepped up to provide help in any way that they can. One of those ways is by enabling people on the ground to easily get the one message that matters... Read More

Google Project Fi

We already know that standard international roaming rates can lead to horror stories of coming home to insanely high smartphone bills. That’s why many of us simply switch our smartphones to airplane mode when heading to a foreign land, relying on spotty and inconsistent WiFi signals to attempt to stay in touch.... Read More

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Apple Watch

With Apple Watch shipping to consumers later this month (April 24th, to be exact), it’s fair to say that the smartwatch revolution is officially underway. Even in Apple’s promotional keynote, it leaned heavily on travel-related examples to prove the product’s value. Many have questioned whether or not you truly... Read More