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Having grown up with family living abroad and attending an international school in New York City, Dana has been fascinated by foreign cultures and thus passionate about traveling since a young age. She has visited five continents and over 20 countries, consuming and learning about the different lifestyles and traditions found in each. Having just returned from a semester abroad in South Africa, a rich, diverse, and complex nation, Dana hopes to inspire and encourage others to explore the world in all its diversity through travel.
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We know how it goes – year after year summer flies by and all those exciting travel plans get lost somewhere between great idea and execution. So before your office’s summer Fridays end and the kids head back to school, pack up your shorts and swimsuits and head out... Read More


Expedia has entered the realm of blind booking – a space dominated by competitors like Priceline, Travelocity, and even its sister company, Hotwire. With the adopted “Unpublished Rates” option, Expedia will be able to save customers some $50 per night . . . if the customer is up for... Read More

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Mexicana, Mexico’s oldest and chief international air carrier, followed up its bankruptcy filing last week with the announcement of a suspension on all new ticket sales and cutbacks on current operations. The airline, however, is promising that already-booked tickets will be honored, as discussions on ways to best salvage... Read More

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As part of an effort to make its operations more environmentally friendly, Singapore Airlines has announced that it will begin replacing in-flight magazines with electronic versions that can be read onscreen via its in-flight entertainment systems. This green initiative serves to not only reduce the use and waste of... Read More

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Doomsday for passengers looking to outmaneuver the airline industry’s flurry of new fees has arrived: After announcing its plans to instill a carry-on baggage charge back in April, Spirit Airlines’ dreaded new fees are officially in full effect as of August 1. Though passengers are still entitled to bring... Read More

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As savvy flyers, we’re all for safety precautions, and understand that the need for increased security measures may cause a few inconveniences – you heard very little whining this way when it was deemed necessary to go parched (liquids ban) and barefoot (shoe-bomb scare) through security. But when new... Read More

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The award-winning Colony restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa, located right on the famous shorefront of Waikiki, is inviting guests to express their culinary creativity over dinner. Diners will choose their own spices to flavor their steaks, seafood, or mixed grill dishes – think Hawaiin... Read More

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    For intrepid travelers intrigued by ancient history (and mystery!), the siren call of far-flung Easter Island – site of oddities like the massive moai (giant stone heads) and the world’s most remote airport (Mataveri International Airport, IPC) – has been heard loud and clear. The one caveat? Actually... Read More

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    Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is shouting out to value-hungry business travelers and vacationers once again with the launch of its Hong Kong Traders Hotel on August 1, 2010. In keeping with the Trader Hotel’s mid-market mantra, the new Hong Kong property promises its guests “high quality accommodations with value... Read More

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    Virgin America and Joie de Vivre Hotels – two of our favorite trend-setting travel brands – have consummated their new partnership with a limited-time offer that will give travelers the chance to simultaneously score loyalty points with both brands. Until the end of 2010, travelers who are members of... Read More

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    The fall line might take a backseat to Missoni’s other design endeavor this September, when the fashion house debuts its second Missoni Hotel in Kuwait City (Hotel Missoni Edinburgh came first in 2009). In true high-end fashion, the 169-room resort will feature luxury touches, including a mosaic-lined outdoor swimming pool... Read More


    We’ve gotten used to paying for the conveniences that were once free when it comes to air travel, like snacks and checked baggage, but it looks like flyers might not be ready to pony up for new amenities like in-flight Wi-Fi – and that could actually push connectivity fees... Read More

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    Sure, we’ve finally come to accept that in-flight meals are largely a thing of the past (maybe not such a bad thing, considering this recent disturbing news on the FDA’s findings on airline food quality), but please don’t take away our precious peanuts! Though the Department of Transportation proposed... Read More


    A diverse country, both in terms of its people and its attractions, South Africa has always been a first-rate vacation destination. Yet, stuck somewhere between a developed and developing nation, it has often been over looked by travelers. Now, with the country making moves to become a member of... Read More

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    Alaska Airlines and its sister carrier, Horizon Air, have rolled out some new baggage policies that promise to make travels with them a bit less stressful and a little less expensive – depending on how many bags you check. Passengers who fly either airline on a ticket booked on... Read More