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Charu Suri is a freelance travel writer, who has been jetting around the world since she was three years old. She's lived in several continents (Africa, Asia, Europe and North America), and can speak and request directions in over six languages. Her work has appeared in various national publications and she is also an Ambassador for AFAR Magazine. She's currently working on a book about her travels with her toddler; her travel site is
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A guestroom at Hotel RL in Baltimore, Maryland
Guestroom at Hotel RL/

When it comes to finding the American spirit, many flock to our nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. But we’d argue that there’s never been a better time to visit Baltimore, just 40 miles north — a city with its fair share of history and culture. New hotels, hot restaurants... Read More

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We know you’ve been wanting to visit Singapore since we — surprise — added it to our Top Budget Destinations of 2014. Good news: One year later, it’s still a great time to visit. The city is currently celebrating its 50th year of independence with a whole host  of... Read More

Toadstool Park, nebraska
Charu Suri

In Nebraska, a state which witnessed historic markers like the Lincoln Highway and the Union Pacific Railroad, there is a wilderness that is truly magnificent. The stretches of road give way to a landscape that subtly changes with gorgeous markers of Sandhill, bluffs, and the sun-drenched prairie that is... Read More

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Embassy Row Hotel Washington DC
The Embassy Row Hotel

If you casually observe D.C’s skyline on any given day (ideally over a cup of coffee or locally brewed The Corruption IPA-style beer), you’ll see at least 60 cranes hard at work hoisting steel and glass. Chances are, many of them are creating shiny new digs to keep up with the... Read More

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Cloud Rest
Matthew Minucci

The Big Island could easily have been named the “The Endless Island,” with its eight climate zones and 4,000-plus square miles of mostly raw landscapes to explore. You’ll land in a terrain that looks flat and moon-like — only to step on the gas and, to the east, find yourself in a mountain... Read More

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How to Enjoy Luxury for Less in Kerala’s Backwaters
Flickr/Sarath Kuchi

The image of a vacation in Kerala’s backwaters is about as idyllic as it gets: calm rivers winding into large lakes dotted with houseboats as big as Arks. The reality is not much further from the truth. The area known as the “backwaters” of Kerala is fairly large, comprising... Read More

Charu Suri

Practically its own sub-country with several vernaculars, South India is flanked by the natural bookends of the Eastern and Western Ghat mountains. Within this plateau heartland lies a nexus of rivers, dialects, and manmade wonders in the form of more than 30,000 temples. All in all, the peninsula encompasses the states of... Read More


 It’s easy to dismiss the charming 10,000-odd people town of Fredericksburg, Texas as a drive-by bit of German history — especially when the Virginian Civil War town often comes to mind when mentioning the name. ... Read More

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michigan island resized

As Michigan’s supremely serene and car-free getaway, Mackinac Island is characterized by the ubiquitous clip-clop of horse-drawn carriages and a history rich enough to excite any U.S. travel nerd. The island, which is accessed via ferry during the warmer months and snowmobile during the coldest months, offers so much in... Read More

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The Thousand Islands, located on the U.S.-Canada border, is actually a misnomer. There are, in fact, 1,864 islands floating like dots on the Saint Lawrence River. (To qualify, as an island, all must be above sea level, have a certain size, and must have at least two trees). People... Read More

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Waiting in line at the TSA checkpoint is about as much fun as paying baggage fees, but it helps when you wear clothing that’s versatile enough to do all sorts of things,  including saving you some money while you’re on the go. Here are five fall jackets that will make... Read More

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The Ozark mountain range is so vast that it not only covers the southern half of Missouri, it also extends to Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. And even though it’s referred to as mountains, the area is actually a plateau. Covering 47,000 square miles, the rugged Ozarks are filled with forests... Read More


Regardless of length, flights can wreak havoc on your beauty routine. With inflight humidity levels as low as 10-20 percent (compared to outdoor air which is over 35 percent), the airplane environment can cause lips to chap and skin to dehydrate. There are several TSA-friendly beauty kits that contain several... Read More


It may be small, but the European island nation of Malta, with its warm climate, rich culture, three World Heritage sites, and beautiful coastline, has a lot to offer travelers. And unlike some European countries, you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy it. Here are some tips... Read More

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620x400_FlickerTilemahos Efthimiadis

Greece has seen its share of hardship in the past years, but tourism is still booming. Even with a weakened euro, however, Europe is known for denting pocketbooks, and Athens, home to some of the continent’s greatest landmarks, is no different. Here are a few budget-friendly activities in this... Read More