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Connie Hum is the editor of Connvoyage. She loves getting in-depth and personal with local culture and believes that travel isn't merely about destinations, but rather the people you encounter and share the experiences with. Connie has slept in Bedouin caves deep in the mountains of Petra, survived a 14-day trek at a height of 5416 meters along the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, scuba-dived with thresher sharks off the coast of the Philippines, and learned to play backgammon in the streets of Istanbul through pantomime with elderly Turkish men.Follow Connie on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Vine at @connvoyage to be a part of the adventure.
Aruba, Marriott
Aruba Marriott

For a true paradise vacation, look no further than Aruba, the small Dutch island located in the Caribbean less than 20 miles from Venezuela. Located outside of the hurricane belt, Aruba enjoys a constant year-round temperature of around 81°F, mild trade winds, and steady sunshine, making it an ideal... Read More

Costa Brava, Spain, Tossa de Mar
Costa Brava/iStock

Spain’s Costa Brava region, just an hour northeast of Barcelona, is a surreal, unkept landscape made up of the majestic Pyrenees mountains to the north, well-preserved medieval towns spread out over the 2,272-square-mile region, and a rugged coastline offering stunning vistas of sparkling turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and not-so-sleepy... Read More

Paris, France, Savarin La Table
Connie Hum

Paris, the city known the world over as the city of romance, culture, and fashion is also famously synonymous with fine dining. After all, it’s not the foodie capital of Europe without reason. There is no shortage of dining options, between the Michelin-starred restaurants and inviting sidewalk bistros and... Read More

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Le Coucou/Conundrum Marketing

Last week’s 2017 James Beard Foundation Awards ceremony honored the best of the best in the American food and beverage industry. The list features some of the biggest names in hospitality who have proven — through their skill and passion for service and food — they truly are at... Read More

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Tierra Santa Healing House in Miami Beach, Florida
Tierra Santa Healing House/Connie Hum

Miami Beach has long been a popular travel destination due to its stretch of white sandy beaches and electrifying nightlife. Plus, it’s home to a renown art and architecture scene, particularly during Art Basel, the world-class international art fair held each December. Now, more than ever, visitors can enjoy... Read More

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Parque de Bombas in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Parque de Bombas/Connie Hum

Puerto Rico has long been a top destination for sandy beaches and cool ocean breezes, history, art, and culture. While the capital of San Juan gets most of the glory, the island’s second largest city of Ponce deserves its own share of the spotlight. For those ready to venture farther... Read More

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Yaddo Gardens in New York
Yaddo Gardens/Connie Hum

As we creep closer toward Halloween, you might be looking for somewhere to get spooked — and we know just the place. The Haunted History Trail of New York State holds 400 years of history, so you’re bound to find tales of lingering ghosts and otherworldly apparitions. Here are some spots where you might just... Read More

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Savannah, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia/Connie Hum

Savannah, Georgia is the kind of place that quickly draws in visitors with its draping Spanish moss, manicured gardens, grand architecture, and charming cobblestone streets. But if the way into one’s heart truly is through the stomach, then this city solidifies itself as a top foodie destination. Although there is... Read More

Mimosas/Flickr/Joe Shlabotnik

Brunch in New York just got even better. In an effort to update liquor laws dating back to Prohibition, state legislators are passing a bill that allows alcohol to be served starting at 10 a.m. instead of noon on Sundays. With brunch being a staple of weekends in the city, here... Read More

Bahn mi
Bahn mi/Flickr/Ribs

President Obama and Anthony Bourdain recently sat down for a casual meal together in Hanoi, Vietnam. Instead of a formal restaurant, they chatted over a bowl of bun cha at a streetside food stall perched atop plastic stools, stirring up a media frenzy. The Commander-in-chief and chef’s time together will be... Read More

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Taroko Gorge in Taiwan
Taroko Gorge/Connie Hum

Monsoon season has just begun, turning the months between June and September into low season for travel throughout Asia. While no one wants Mother Nature to put a damper on their hard-earned vacation days, the rain shouldn’t scare travelers away. Despite reports of heavy rainfall, a majority of the... Read More

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Ace Hotel New Orleans in Louisiana
Ace Hotel New Orleans/Fran Parente

Your summer vacation plans are about to get a whole lot more stylish and fun. Funky, design-forward brand Ace Hotel is offering up to 30 percent off stays through September (dates vary by location) at seven of its properties with the Summer at Ace deal. The special ends on May... Read More

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A mural in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia mural/Connie Hum

Philadelphia is known for a lot of things — cheesesteak, Rocky Balboa, and the Declaration of Independence, to name a few — but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The City of Brotherly Love is making quite a name for itself in the art and design world. It is home to... Read More

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Lobby of Hilton New Orleans St. Charles in Louisiana
Lobby of Hilton New Orleans St. Charles/Connie Hum

Travelers are increasingly on the hunt for unique, one-of-a-kind vacations. A growing number of global brands — ones that rely on recognition of comfort, consistency, and stability — are responding to this interest by enhancing the overall experience. No longer thought of as just a place to sleep and... Read More

Harbor Beach Lighthouse in the lower peninsula of Michigan's Lake Huron
Harbor Beach Lighthouse/Connie Hum

In the area surrounding the southern shores of Michigan’s Lake Huron — the second largest of the Great Lakes — numerous lighthouses line the sandy shores, meeting sparkling blue waters as far as the eye can see. With a multitude of activities, plenty of dining options, and an easy... Read More