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Epcot Center, Walt Disney World

[Updated May 2016] If you’re visiting the “Most Magical Place on Earth” anytime soon, you might have to dig a little deeper into your pockets to pay for park tickets: Walt Disney World recently raised the price of admission for all four of its theme parks. Now it’ll cost you $105... Read More


[Updated November 2016] During the major holidays, Walt Disney World doesn’t exactly toss up a few decorations and call it a day. Instead, look for over-the-top celebrations that only Disney can deliver. Whether you’re planning a visit the resort for Easter, the Fourth of July or Christmas (holidays that often coincide with... Read More

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free disney souvenirs

[Updated May 2016] Price of a Walt Disney World sweatshirt: $59.95. Price of a Sorcerer Mickey mug: $14.95. Price of a Disney iPhone case: $34.95. We’ll give you a second to get over the sticker shock, but yes, those are the real prices for Walt Disney World souvenirs. You should know, though, that it... Read More

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[Updated May 2016] Toss aside the notion that Walt Disney World is just for kids. The Orlando resort is a popular vacation destination for adult singles and couples alike; it’s even become a hotspot for weddings and honeymoons. But even without kids, the price of accommodation, park tickets, and dining... Read More