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From exploring a coal mine 1,900 feet below sea level to hang gliding to letting it all hang out in a naked 5K (well, except for her shoes and socks), San Francisco-based writer Blane Bachelor is always up for her next adventure. She’s traveled to countries throughout the Caribbean, South America, and Europe, and her writing has appeared in such publications as Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Modern Bride, Latin Trade, Business Traveler. No matter where she’s headed, she always packs her running shoes and a headlamp.
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Where You Can Dive with Sharks

As the hilarious ads point out, it’s a bad week to be a seal (RIP, Snuffy), but an awesome one to be a shark fan, with the Discovery Channel’s hugely popular series, Shark Week, creating a bigger splash than ever in its 26th season. When the much-anticipated series debuted this... Read More

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Kennedy Space Center

Move over, Mickey. There’s a new star in central Florida: her name is Atlantis, and she’s been to outer space an impressive 33 times, capping off the final chapter of the United States’ storied space shuttle program. As of about a month ago, the awe-inspiring orbiter has found a new... Read More

Second BART Strike San Francisco

In early July, a four-day strike of San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit, or BART, system of subway and light rail crippled the city, leaving about 400,000 riders – including tourists – struggling to find transit alternatives. Though a temporary agreement was reached, both sides are still in heated negotiations, and according... Read More

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Message Bottle Quebec

Last October, nine-year-old Oisín Millea found a green two-liter soda bottle on the beach near his home in East Passage, in County Waterford, Ireland. Inside was a note from two 12-year-old girls from Quebec, who had tossed the bottle into the St. Lawrence River while on vacation in a... Read More

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Outdoor hiking etiquette

I spent last weekend in Monterey, a beautiful beach town about two hours south of San Francisco with miles of gorgeous trails that boast views of the rugged northern California coastline. They’re ideal for hiking, running, biking – what I didn’t find so ideal, however, are the folks who... Read More

America's Cup San Francisco

The Fourth of July holiday will kick off with a bang and a splash in San Francisco as the opening ceremonies of the America’s Cup take place on Independence Day. The final competition of the world’s most prestigious sailing race is scheduled for September 21, with plenty of competitions and... Read More

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Endangered Places You Didn't Know About

This week, the National Trust for Historic Preservation released its annual list of America’s Most Endangered Historic Places. According to the organization, the 11 spots on the list have made a unique contribution to American history but are threatened by a variety of factors, including environmental causes, neglect, and... Read More

Nobu Hotel Las Vegas

For more than two decades, Nobu has delighted the palates of sushi lovers around the world, thanks to the culinary chops of star chef Nobu Matsuhisa and the Hollywood glitz of actor Robert DeNiro, who partnered with Matsuhisa in 1993 to open 27 swanky restaurants all over the world. Now... Read More

Chile's Atacama Desert

Soaring, white-capped Andean mountains, saline lakes, active volcanoes, salt flats as far as the eye can see, geysers, and flamingos (yes, flamingos!) – the geography of Chile’s Atacama Desert, the driest on Earth, is as varied as it is breathtaking. It’s truly an otherworldly part of the world, with lunar-like... Read More

How to Sleep in a Hotel Room

Being an enthusiastic traveler and a light sleeper isn’t exactly an ideal combination for getting the most out of my journeys. Fortunately, over the years, I’ve picked up a few tricks and tips along the way to help avoid the frustrations of noisy neighbors and thin hotel walls to... Read More

National Bike Month 2013

May is National Bike Month, when hardcore cycling enthusiasts and newbies alike can enjoy a bevy of bike-related activities, deals, and discounts across the country (and why not make a mini-vacation out of it, with a visit to one of these top bike-friendly cities?). Here, some of our favorite... Read More

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National Travel and Tourism Week 2013

For some positive antidotes to that depressing and inaccurate, yet still pervasive, stat about American travelers – that a mere 20 percent of U.S. residents hold passports – consider these figures from the U.S. Travel Association: U.S. residents logged 1.6 billion trips for leisure purposes in 2012 1 out of every... Read More

Stacey Cook Skiing Tips

Temperatures may be getting warmer, but there’s still plenty of time to hit the slopes before putting your gear away for the season. Spring skiing is in full swing at several U.S. ski resorts, including Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in California, which is offering some great spring deals, as... Read More

Travel Books National Library Week

One way librarians encourage children to read is to describe how books can take you to exciting, new places – all just by turning the page. Which is precisely what the best travel books do: Make us feel like we’re right there with the author, hiking remote forest trails... Read More

Mexican Wineries

On a trip to Playa del Carmen last year, I was out to dinner when the chef came to talk with my group. He mentioned something that surprised all of us: “The oldest winery in the Americas is actually located in Mexico.” Seriously? The same country whose signature drinks are... Read More