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From exploring a coal mine 1,900 feet below sea level to hang gliding to letting it all hang out in a naked 5K (well, except for her shoes and socks), San Francisco-based writer Blane Bachelor is always up for her next adventure. She’s traveled to countries throughout the Caribbean, South America, and Europe, and her writing has appeared in such publications as Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Modern Bride, Latin Trade, Business Traveler. No matter where she’s headed, she always packs her running shoes and a headlamp.
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LAN Economy perks

Take a few flights outside of the United States, and you’re likely to notice a slightly disappointing observation: Many U.S.-based carriers simply don’t measure up when it comes to perks in economy class. Whether it’s a free snack, or real wine glasses filled with (free!) vino, here are a... Read More

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South Africa

In recent seasons, ABC’s long-running series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have quietly turned their attention from catfights, crying, and ill-fated proposals to routinely showcasing some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Of course, there’s still over-the-top drama, but more and more, it’s set against a backdrop of bucket-list adventures in far-flung... Read More

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Bonhomme, Quebec's Winter Carnival Mascott

Frigid winter temperatures are in full force, and for hardy Quebécois, that means one thing: It’s time to bundle up and get down for some serious partying, aka the Quebéc Winter Carnival. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the frozen fete, which happens to be the largest winter... Read More

5 Easy Travel Resolutions 2014

New Year’s resolutions, as hopeful as they are, aren’t always particularly successful. But even though we might fail at sticking to a daily gym routine, travel-related resolutions are often much easier to keep. As 2014 unfolds, here are five easy things we can do to become better travelers: Resolve to... Read More

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Antarctica 2014 adventue travel destination

Adrenaline-loving travelers looking to push the boundaries in 2014 have plenty of enticing destinations to choose from next year. Whether it’s the time-warped villages of Burma, or the far-flung shores of Antarctica (which, as it happens, will be in the spotlight for the 100th anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton‘s... Read More


Last week, the New York Daily News reported that the TSA collected more than $531,000 in spare change left by travelers in airport security bins in 2012. We’re all for a proposed plan to donate the money to a nonprofit that serves deserving U.S. troops, but we also couldn’t... Read More

Five Great Places for Coffee

Coffee, one of the world’s most universally beloved drinks, offers a taste of local culture with every sip, in whatever form it’s served (small but strong, organic and Fair Trade Certified, topped with whipped cream, or spiked with whiskey). Inspired by cool fall temperatures, here we spill the beans on... Read More


Time to dust off the skis and snowboards: the 2013-14 ski season is already underway, with several resorts already open and plenty more set to do so in coming weeks – which is a promising sign for the season to come. This year, some enticing deals and passes, as... Read More

Day of the Dead Celebrations 2013

Every year, the hype surrounding Halloween seems to get bigger and bigger, but in many Mexican cultures, one of the season’s liveliest celebrations falls on November 1 and 2. Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, blends indigenous and Catholic influences, with the most traditional celebrations taking... Read More

Biking in San Francisco

San Francisco is arguably one of the world’s most enchanting cities – but it’s also one of the most expensive, too (weekend rates for a mid-range hotel will set you back around $250 a night, on average). But a trip to the City by the Bay doesn’t have to... Read More

Economy Flight Improve

It’s no secret that flying isn’t what it used to be – ever-increasing fares, packed flights, and endless surcharges have all but extinguished whatever joy we used to derive from air travel (unless you’re fronting big bucks for a cushy ride in business or first class, that is). Then... Read More

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Flower Route South Africa Namaqualand

Throughout Africa, the Big 5 will always have undisputed cache among travelers. But come spring, certain regions of South Africa’s Northern Cape province, including Namaqualand, which is within about six hours’ drive of Cape Town, bloom with wildflowers. Among the standout: brilliant orange Namaqualand daisies, indigenous succulents known locally... Read More

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Hiking Table Mountain

Table Mountain, the flat-topped monolith that soars over Cape Town, South Africa, is one of the coastal city’s most iconic landmarks. Named as one of the world’s new seven wonders of nature last year by the foundation New7Wonders, the gorgeous, cloud-swathed mountain is flanked by the surrounding peaks of... Read More

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Yosemite Fire

Summer, as we know, is prime national parks season – which gives us even more pause for concern around the wildfires currently weaving a path of destruction through Yosemite National Park. This weekend, a massive rim fire continued to blaze there, forcing evacuations and even a State of Emergency in California... Read More

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Los Angeles Hyperloop

Silicon Valley techies – along with pretty much all Californians – are abuzz with news of the latest venture from entrepreneur Elon Musk: a super-high-speed train called the Hyperloop that is capable of jetting passengers between Los Angeles and San Francisco in a mere 30 minutes. Musk, the dynamo who co-founded PayPal and how... Read More