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Anne L. Fritz is a born traveler -- she even has a globe tattoo! She traveled to six continents before settling down with her husband, two adorable children and loyal dog in Stamford, CT. These days she enjoys introducing her kids to geography via a United States puzzle and taking them on road trips. She looks forward to the day airplane travel with her family no longer requires a bag stuffed with 50 toys, 20 books and 15 different varieties of snacks. Prior to launching her freelance career, Anne was the travel editor of Woman’s Day.
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An Art-o-mat machine
Art-o-mat machine/

New vending machines are swapping Pepsi and pretzels for things you might actually need along your travels. Here are a few that caught our eye. 1. Cosmetics. Forgot to pack your mascara? Skip an emergency drugstore run by hitting up a Benefit Glam Up & Away! kiosk. Found at more than 20 airports across the country — including New... Read More

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Little Guard Lookout in Idaho
Little Guard Lookout/Douglas Clark

All across the country, firefighters are pillars of strength in our communities. It’s certainly no surprise that their bravery and dedication have inspired travel destinations centered around these hometown heroes. Here are some of our favorites. Firefighter museums There are a number of firefighter museums around the U.S., including Memphis, New York City, and Los Angeles.... Read More

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Rosemary Beach Cottage in Florida
Rosemary Beach Cottage/Flickr/Christy Bright

Sure, the listing for the vacation rental you’re eying says it’s fully loaded with amenities, but savvy renters know they need to bring a few extras for a safe, easy, and more enjoyable stay. Apart from bedsheets and bath towels, here’s what else you’ll need to pack. 1. A sharp kitchen knife. Plan... Read More

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Seashore Sleepover at Kelp Forest Exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium in California
Seashore Sleepover at Kelp Forest Exhibit/Monterey Bay Aquarium

Picture yourself spying on a herd of sleeping elephants or waking up next to giraffes enjoying breakfast. No, you’re not on an exotic safari, but you are spending the night at the zoo. From California to Connecticut, here are five zoos and aquariums where you can have a sleepover with lions, zebras... Read More

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Arizona
Salt River Fields at Talking Stick/Flickr/Dru Bloomfield

Catching a Major League Baseball spring training game is a must for every baseball fan. With 10 stadiums and games every day now through April 2, there’s still time for fans of the Cactus League — the 15 teams training in Arizona — to watch before Opening Day. The... Read More