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Originally from a small town in Maine, Amanda's first solo trip was when she was just 14. Being thrown into the rain-sodden, muddy cloud forests of Costa Rica (for Outward Bound) gave her a hankering for travel – oddly enough). Since then, she's explored the south of France, the north and south islands in New Zealand, and seven European countries. On her travel wish list right now: the South Pacific, anywhere in Asia (Malaysia – check!), and South America. Her writing has appeared in The Knot Magazine,,, and She's been consulted as an expert on The Insider and Inside Edition as well as national and regional magazines, newspapers, and radio stations.
London Airport Landing Fees Increase

It’s no secret: Flying to London from the U.S. is expensive compared to other European cities. Dublin is about the same distance from the East Coast but often has fares that are 30-40 percent less than airfare into Gatwick or Heathrow airports. But why is London so pricey to... Read More

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Affinia Hotel Macy's Parade Package

Fall in New York City is one of the best times of year. The weather is incredible, fall foliage is at its best in Central Park, and there’s plenty to celebrate. If you’re planning a trip to the city in November, consider coming for the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day... Read More

hilton head, one of the best fall beach vacations in october

While October might not scream “beach season,” many parts of the U.S. are still enjoying weather that calls for shorts and a lounge chair. Sure, you can go to Florida or Southern California pretty much year-round for sun and sand, but what about beach destinations that get cooler as... Read More

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Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates is a great place to travel in the Middle East, with luxurious amenities and safe surroundings. It also offers a great currency exchange rate for Americans – about $1 to 3.67 dirhams. The city of Abu Dhabi – a 250-square-mile shock of seaside skyscrapers perched... Read More

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Budget Travel in Tunisia

It wasn’t long ago that the Arab Spring took hold of Tunisia. Now, the country is trying to put its unstable past behind it. With a 29 percent increase in visitors from the UK since 2012, Tunisia is looking forward the return of tourists to its beaches, classical ruins... Read More

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Portuguese wines offer some of the best value in the world. The country may be small, but its geography – with coast on one side, mountains in the center, and an arid region to the east – has created a number of diverse wine-growing regions. While most people know... Read More

England’s two southernmost counties are known for their picturesque villages, expansive moors, and pristine beaches, though both Devon and Cornwall also boast a distinct cultural heritage that not only sets them apart from the rest of the country, but also from each other. From local cuisine to stand-alone attractions... Read More

Adventure Travel Tours

Since 2009, the adventure travel industry has grown at a staggering rate – 65 percent year-over-year – and today it’s a $263 billion industry. While the words “adventure travel” might make you think of extreme heli hiking or mountain biking through the Alps, there’s a huge range of options, many of... Read More

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Chunnel Opens for Tours

Thirty-five minutes is all it takes to get from the U.K. to France. Considering that a New Yorker can’t even get from Brooklyn Bridge to the Bronx in that amount of time on North America’s largest transportation network, the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is an incredible system. Since it opened in... Read More

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Baby Zoo Animals to See Right Now

Not long ago, New York’s Central Park Zoo said a sad farewell to one of its own: Gus the polar bear. He was a fixture at the zoo for more than 25 years and had some…well, problems. Sure, he was neurotic (like a true Manhattanite), but he was beloved... Read More

Silver Airways SunPac

Nowadays, airlines are offering all sorts of purchasable incentives (baggage delivery services, subscription fees for checked bags) to make the travel experience easier and to keep customers coming back. But when it comes to actually dishing out the cash to pay for these “amenities” are they really worth it?... Read More

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How to Act Around Wild Monkeys

Walking along the path to visit the famed Dayang Bunting Lake (or Pregnant Maiden Lake) in Langkawi, Malaysia, you’ll find yourself stopping constantly, like I did. It’s not because of the scenery is beautiful (though it is), or because you’re tired from hiking up and down the slippery steps (though... Read More

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Getting to JFK Without AirTrain

Ask any New Yorker how they get to John F. Kennedy airport in Queens and they’ll probably mention the convenient AirTrain that connects multiple subway lines and the Long Island Railroad to the airport. But for a six-week period (from September 7 to October 17), you’ll encounter big service... Read More

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Madame Brussels

Each year, The Economist releases its list of the world’s most livable cities – and for three years now, Melbourne in Australia has earned the number one spot. We got to thinking, there must be something we’re not seeing – certainly, we thought, it has nothing on Sydney’s rich culture, or the... Read More

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Wilson Island, Great Barrier Reef

Some people only dream of exploring Australia’s prized gem: The Great Barrier Reef, with its crystal clear blue waters and countless species of fish that call it home. But getting to Australia, let alone the natural heritage site (and one of the seven natural wonders of the world), isn’t easy.... Read More