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Hanoi, Vietnam/iStock

Asia has long been a budget traveler’s paradise. In 2017, it remains one of the most affordable regions in the world to visit. But Asia, of course, is not just for backpackers. One of the beauties of traveling the continent is there’s an option for every budget. And for travelers... Read More

Inca Trail
Ann Babe

Machu Picchu isn’t designated a New Wonder of the World and UNESCO World Heritage Site for nothing. This 15th-century Incan citadel, set in the jungles of the Andes, tops many a bucket list, attracting 1.1 million visitors in 2014 alone. The best way to reach the Lost City is via... Read More

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Western Desert Safari
Ann Babe

Safaris in the African savanna can be expensive. Go on a two-day guided excursion in Kruger National Park in South Africa, for example, and it will cost you upwards of $400 — and that’s just per person. If you’re strapped for cash but still long for that safari feeling... Read More

Nyhaven, Copenhagen/iStock
Nyhaven, Copenhagen/iStock

Yes, Copenhagen is expensive. But you can absolutely see it on the cheap. For the budget-conscious, here are seven things not to miss. 1. Christiania Copenhagen’s infamous anarchist commune is like stepping inside a social experiment. Christiania citizens live in an entirely self-governing, community-owned society, with its own restaurants, bars, shops... Read More

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Scandinavian cuisine isn’t likely to win a popularity contest anytime soon. Characterized by stinky fish and mushy pâtés, it’s certainly not the most photogenic food out there. But, boy, is it delicious. Here are seven foods you must try on your next trip.  1. Herring This little fish is about as Scandinavian... Read More

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Centre Island/flickr/AJ Batac
Centre Island/flickr/AJ Batac

Set on picturesque Lake Ontario, Centre Island is a popular getaway from downtown Toronto. Though it’s just one of the many Toronto Islands, Centre Island stands out for its wide range of attractions, enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Just 15 minutes by ferry from Queens Quay, the island is easy to reach; and... Read More

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Peekskill New York train station
Peekskill New York train station/Flickr/Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Fifty miles north of New York City, in the picturesque Hudson Valley, the small city of Peekskill is waiting to charm your socks off. The town’s population of 24,000 is growing quickly, as it continues to woo recovering workaholics looking to leave the Big Apple. But, lucky for city... Read More

Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia
Lake Toba/Flickr/Marc Veraart

Travelers bound for Indonesia usually set their sights on Bali or Java, but Sumatra — Indonesia’s largest island — has just as much, if not more, to offer. Sumatra is easy to reach; hour-long flights operate several times a day from both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and a three-hour ferry... Read More

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Third Tunnel of Aggression monument in South Korea
Third Tunnel of Aggression monument/Flickr/bertconcepts

Seoul is a claustrophobic, frenzied must-see that will make your head spin. Catch your breath from Korea’s capital city with a day trip or two out of it: there are types to suit just about every mood. Here are three of the most popular. Suwon For defense architecture nerds, head to... Read More

Aerial view of Berlin, Germany
Berlin/Flickr/Steve Collis

Germans are proud of their sausage, and with good reason; it’s delicious. For carnivores, no trip to Berlin is complete without a taste. But why stop at just one? If you’re a meat lover, go ahead and go wild — it’s not every day you’re in the world’s wurst... Read More

A view of the cliffs in Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Cliffs in Miraflores/Flickr/tafs

Sure, Miraflores can’t measure up to Central Lima when it comes to baroque architecture or world-class museums. But there’s this: it’s infinitely cooler. This seaside neighborhood, sandwiched between posh San Isidro and bohemian Barranco, strikes the perfect balance of uptown class and downtown charm. Here’s our guide to what... Read More

A river in Laos.
River in Laos/Flickr/Allie_Caulfield

Laos is often overlooked in favor of its more popular, bustling neighbors of Thailand to the west and Vietnam to the east, but there are so many reasons to go this little landlocked gem — and there’s no better time than 2016. 1. Obama’s visiting. Decades after the U.S. heavily bombed... Read More

Dolsot Bibimbap
Dolsot Bibimbap/Flickr/T.Tseng

Kimchi is Korea’s self-proclaimed national dish — briny, zesty, and prized for its superfood powers. Besides kimchi, though, there’s so much more to love about Korean cuisine, from spiced and sauced meats to aromatic soups to fresh and vibrant vegetables. When you’re in Korea, make sure to try these... Read More

Shark Valley, Everglades National Park, FL
Shark Valley/Ann Babe Shark Valley, Everglades National Park, FL

Let’s be honest: Everglades City isn’t about to win any awards for luxury travel. It’s not the place to pamper yourself with shopping sprees and spas. It’s not going to seduce you with glamour and glitz. This is where you go to hold a baby alligator, then eat his... Read More