Auckland Art Gallery/Facebook
Auckland Art Gallery/Facebook

Before you run off to see New Zealand’s ancient rock formations and dramatic waterways, set aside a few days to explore Auckland. Surrounded by a backdrop of dormant volcanoes and blue ocean, New Zealand’s largest city is also its art and design hub. Whether you’re interested in local contemporary art or learning... Read More

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 St. Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite/Courtesy Airbnb
St. Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite/Courtesy Airbnb

There’s something to be said about immersing oneself in a local culture, and while many hotels strive to integrate, few can match the authenticity of a home stay. With Airbnb, Homestay, VRBO, and a host of other sites making it easy for owners to rent their abodes to wanderers... Read More

Auckland photo1
Leah Still

When you arrive in Auckland to start your New Zealand vacation, your first thought may be to head straight out of town for the North Island’s greener pastures. But don’t make that mistake — the country’s largest city is often overlooked, allowing its lovely waterfront, revamped historical centers, and... Read More

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Granada 1

Sounds impossible to buy a ticket to the wrong destination, right? You’d never mistake York, England for New York State. But would you notice an airline issuing a plane ticket for Grenada instead of Granada, like British Airways did last month? Or the 1,500 mile difference between airline codes... Read More

shilin night market taipei taiwan - flickr-rustler2x4 - 620

Already a mainstay in Asia for decades, night markets are now taking hold all over the world. With a buzzy, carnival-like atmosphere, they’re the place to be for finding shopping and food deals as well as for rubbing elbows with locals out for a night of casual fun. Some... Read More

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Singapore Airlines

Right now, Air New Zealand operates only two flights out of Singapore’s Changi Airport – to Abu Dhabi and Brisbane – via its partner Etihad Airways. However, by the end of this year, flight capacity between the countries of New Zealand and Singapore will have increased by up to 30... Read More

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Last spring was the time to visit Europe with fares reaching all time lows (under $300 round-trip), but so far 2010 hasn’t followed suit. Instead, rock-bottom rates have been cropping up to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia from as little as $380 each way, making this year the best... Read More


For anyone that has ever dreamed of visiting stunning New Zealand, now is the time to make it happen. Qantas Airways has partnered with Tourism New Zealand to make visiting in 2010 remarkably affordable. The airline is reducing fares by as much as 40 percent, bringing prices to... Read More


Dreaming of a faraway trip to the land Down Under? Summer is a great time to visit Australia – and more gems in the neighboring South Pacific – if you want to save a bundle. This exciting 7-night itinerary gets you a taste of an exciting Australian city, as... Read More

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By: Arabella Bowen Travelers often think of New Zealand as just beautiful vistas (Remember Lord of the Rings?). While it does boast stunning landscapes, you’ll also find a fantastic wine scene, unbelievable lodges, and happening cities. Even if you’re not a hiker, a New Zealand trip will convert you to... Read More

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extreme vacation for the extreme traveler
iStock InternationalSatisfy your sense of adventure with these heart-pumping extreme travel escapes

Some travelers live on the edge. Never satisfied with lazing away their vacation days on the beach, these thrill seekers look for adventure on their days off. If orbiting the Earth, diving in shark-infested waters, or getting up-close-and-personal with a gorilla sounds like your idea of a good time... Read More