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Theater Onboard the Crystal Serenity/Crystal Cruises
Theater onboard the Crystal Serenity/Crystal Cruises

A cruise is a great place to see a Broadway show. Norwegian offers a top-notch version of After Midnight, while Royal Caribbean prides itself on its full-length, and possibly better-than-Broadway-caliber production of Mamma Mia. The luxury cruise lines, however, haven’t gotten on the Broadway bandwagon as quickly. They... Read More

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Radcliffe Camera/iStock
Radcliffe Camera/iStock

Once you’re ready to venture beyond London, the next place you’re likely to visit on a trip to England is Oxford. Steeped in generations of history and surrounded by fairytale-perfect countryside, this legendary university town makes for an easy — and affordable visit. Here’s how to see it while... Read More

New York, Central Park, spring
Central Park / iStock

Ah, spring in New York. It’s time to emerge from hibernation and savor the mild weather before the oppressive summer heat sets in. If you really want to embrace this season in the Big Apple, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Here are six activities — all under... Read More

New York City, Broadway

There are unspoken rules you should follow in New York City: never board an empty Subway car on a full train, stand to the right on the escalator, and never pay full price for Broadway tickets. Sure, it might mean arriving early and standing in line, but the odds... Read More

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The Capitol in Havana, Cuba

Ever since former President Obama eased sanctions against Cuba last fall, Americans have flocked to the island. U.S. visitors, however, must still meet the conditions of one of these 12 permitted reasons for travel. For most people, educational or “people-to-people” programs, in which you agree to have a full... Read More

Cherry Blossoms, Washington D.C.
Flickr/Ron Cogswell

What’s better than seeing 3,000 cherry blossom trees blanket the capital in a sea of pink? Seeing them for less. Amtrak is offering 25 percent discount on trips to Washington D.C. during this year’s National Cherry Blossom Festival when you book 14 days in advance. The discount applies to the Northeast... Read More

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Whale in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico/iStock
Whale in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico/iStock

Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are an easy, affordable hop from many cities across the U.S. – especially from the West Coast. If you’re ready to venture beyond your resort and put down your frozen cocktail, there’s plenty to do here. Whether your idea of... Read More

Kinosaki Onsen/Laura Motta
Kinosaki Onsen/Laura Motta

The onsen — or traditional hot springs — experience is a must-do in Japan. Whether you’re heading to a big-city bath house that resembles an amusement park, or to a natural pool in a small town, there’s nothing more Japanese than stripping down, lathering up, and soaking for an... Read More

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Carlsbad Beach
Visit Carlsbad

San Diego has long been a popular tourist destination; the near-perfect weather and beautiful beaches make it a no-brainer. But you may want to set your sights just 35 miles north — on Carlsbad — a city that’s made a name for itself thanks to Legoland California. Surprisingly, there’s... Read More

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Tierra Santa Healing House in Miami Beach, Florida
Tierra Santa Healing House/Connie Hum

Miami Beach has long been a popular travel destination due to its stretch of white sandy beaches and electrifying nightlife. Plus, it’s home to a renown art and architecture scene, particularly during Art Basel, the world-class international art fair held each December. Now, more than ever, visitors can enjoy... Read More

Previous Restival Lodgings in Arizona/Restival
Previous Restival Lodgings in Arizona/Restival

So long, Burning Man. The newest craze to hit the festival circuit is Restival: the so-called “love child” of a wellness retreat and a festival. Just make sure you pack your most stylish hat, Ikat-print scarf, and yoga gear. The event debuted in Morocco in 2015 and then moved... Read More

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Cancun, Mexico
Flickr/Milton Correa

What once was a city with just three inhabitants in 1970 (yes, three!), is now Mexico’s #2 tourist destination, second only to its capital city, as reported by the Ministry of Tourism last year. Cancun’s zero-to-sixty boom was thanks to strategic investment from the Mexican government, who recognized its... Read More

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Asheville, North Carolina
Skyline/Explore Asheville

If you’ve been to Asheville, you get it. Flanked by the mountains and filled with a community of hippies and hipsters, this North Carolina town is all about culture, local food, art, yoga, music, nature, and beer — the good stuff in life. People here live well, and visitors... Read More


Pronounce it any way you want — Bar-none, Barn-one, or even with an Italian accent, Bar-no-nay — the newest stop along the Fresh Foodie Trail in Phoenix’s East Valley is unlike anything you’re likely to find anywhere. Inside a converted 1950s-era Quonset hut, on what used to be the... Read More

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Sugar Shack in Quebec/iStock
Sugar Shack in Quebec/iStock

No offense to the chocolate lovers in Hershey, Pennsylvania, but Québec might really be the sweetest place on Earth. The Canadian province produces about 75 percent of the world’s maple syrup and maintains an emergency reserve (for surprise pancake surpluses?) of about 46 million pounds. The value of the ooey-gooey... Read More