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Although Mexico City is known for its history and centuries-old cultural treasures, there’s also a vibrant, thriving modern art movement taking shape in the metropolis. From street artists to young creatives who draw inspiration from today’s social issues, take a walk with us through the streets of Mexico City’s contemporary art scene.


Diego Rivera’s Dream of a Sunday Afternoon street art in Alameda Central Park, Mexico City
Keith Hajovsky


Diego Rivera’s Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Central Park, in which hundreds of characters from 400 years of Mexican history gather for a stroll through Mexico City’s largest park, is an iconic precursor of contemporary Mexican art. Found in Alameda Park, it’s an inspiration for many of today’s artists.


Street art in the neighborhood of Colonia Roma, Mexico City
Keith Hajovsky

Created by an unknown artist, this is a typical example of the complex, highly visual street murals that can be found throughout the Colonia Roma Norte neighborhood.


Natasha Kroupensky yarn painting at Barrio Alameda, Mexico City
Keith Hajovsky

Need some indoors reprieve during the day? Head to Barrio Alameda — a historic building now home to a collection of restaurants, shops, and galleries. This piece, titled “Putting Pins on My Feelings,” is one of the many featured works in the building, by artist Natasha Kroupensky. She was initiated into the method of traditional indigenous Huichol yarn painting used here at the age of 15.


Aline Herrera (Atentamente Una Fresca) art work at Barrio Alameda, Mexico City
Keith Hajovsky

Also in Barrio Alameda, you’ll find the works of Aline Herrera (known professionally as Atentamente Una Fresca or Sincerely Strawberry), a visual artist and designer who believes that art is something to interact with and not just looked at. This piece, “Nunca mas un Mexico sin Nosotros,” celebrates the people of Chiapas in their 1968 independence.


Paola García (Bili Bala) art work at Barrio Alameda, Mexico City
Keith Hajovsky

One more Barrio Alameda artist whose works we love: Paola García, known professionally as Bili Bala. With her art, she creates her own augmented reality, often featuring 3D effects.


Street artist and muralist MEAN in Mexico City
Keith Hajovsky

Street artist and muralist MEAN is bold and vocal about making statements against the consumerist society, as well the repressive religious environment that he grew up in Mexico. Here, he’s at work creating a mural for a youth center in Valquiria.


Street mural by Jorge Tellaeche in Colonia Roma Norte, Mexico City, Mexico
Keith Hajovsky

At a preschool in Colonia Roma Norte, this is just one of the street murals of Jorge Tellaeche, who began his career at age 15 with an exhibition in San Diego. More of his work, which has a strong focus on social responsibility, can be found in galleries and on the streets and buildings throughout Mexico City.

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