The Colortopia exhibit at Epcot
Colortopia exhibit at Innoventions/Glidden

It’s nearly impossible to hear the name “Disney” and not think of strong, vivid colors — an element that’s been a cornerstone of the Walt Disney Company ever since the release of the non-black-and-white film Flowers and Trees in 1932. It’s an integral part of its animated films, books, video games, and of course, its parks and resorts.

You can even decorate your home in special Disney colors (think: the color of Sulley’s fur or Tinker Bell’s dress) thanks to a collection of Glidden paint sold exclusively at Walmart. The two companies are now taking their three-year partnership a step further with a new exhibit called Colortopia Presented by Glidden at Epcot’s Innoventions, a pavilion dedicated to interactive activities that could be incorporated into everyday life. We were recently among the first to experience the addition, which we think is perfect for all ages. Here’s what you can expect:



Colortopia's Power of Color room at Epcot
The Power of Color room/Glidden


The tour begins in a standing theater with a voiceover by actor Ty Burrell describing the psychology of color, while the white walls surrounding you turn intense shades of blue, red, and violet, among other colors.


Colortopia's Color Mix 'N Match game at Epcot
Color Mix ‘N Match game/Christine Dayao

Next, you’ll be escorted to The Color Lab, where you’ll play Color Mix ‘N Match. The game directs you on a specific color that you have to create using various shades of blue, green, and red to earn points.


Colortopia's Spinning Spectrums at Epcot
Spinning Spectrums/Christine Dayao

The second component of The Color Lab is Spinning Spectrums, a station where guests learn about the optical illusion of multiple images blending into a single image.


Colortopia's Color Our World paintbrush pick-up at Epcot
Paintbrush pick-up/Christine Dayao

The last part of Colortopia is called Color Our World, in which guests first enter a room that has a paintbrush station.


A paintbrush at Colortopia in Epcot
Up close view of Colortopia paintbrush/Christine Dayao

The Cast Member will hand you a paintbrush — but it’s not your average painting tool.


Paint cans at Colortopia in Epcot
Colortopia paint buckets/Christine Dayao

You’ll then enter a darkened room that has a dozen paint cans in the center and three black and white illustrations on the walls.


A mural at Epcot's Colortopia
Color Our World mural/Christine Dayao

Take your paintbrush and dip it into any paint can, place the tip of the brush on a section of the illustration, and watch that portion of the drawing fill with a shade of that color.


Fully colored illustrations at Colortopia in Epcot
Color Our World’s final products/Christine Dayao

After a few minutes, the drawings come to life with full color and different animations.


The Colortopia app
Colortopia app/Glidden

Before or after your trip to the exhibit, you can download the Colortopia app on Android or iPhone. The app allows you to play several games, find the Glidden paint shade that matches the colors of World Showcase, and match your own photos to Glidden paint palettes.


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