Interview with Anthony BourdainTV host and professional foodie Anthony Bourdain, whose show Parts Unknown takes him all over the globe, has some pretty specific feelings about food and travel. I spoke to him this week about his favorite (and not-so-favorite) experiences while he’s on the road. Here’s a sampling:

ShermansTravel: What are your favorite travel destinations?
Anthony Bourdain: That’s tough, but I guess I would say Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Brazil, or Beirut. Any of those places are great to visit.


ST: What have been your favorite food experiences while traveling?
AB: It’s really the simple things that are the best. Eating my first bowl of noodles in Vietnam. Having the first bowl of pasta or a simple ragu with a good wine in Italy. Eating some runny cheese in Spain. Having some spicy noodles sitting on a low plastic stool in Hong Kong.


ST: What’s in your travel bag?
AB: Laptop, iPad, iPhone, a good book, comfy shoes, and a lightweight down jacket to use as a pillow if I need to sleep on an airport floor.

Check our site on Monday to read the full interview. He’ll discuss his feelings about airline food, his favorite up-and-coming destinations for good eats, how he finds hidden foodie gems on the road, and more.

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