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Q&A: What’s in Anthony Bourdain’s Carry-On, Plus His Travel Favorites


Interview with Anthony BourdainTV host and professional foodie Anthony Bourdain, whose show Parts Unknown takes him all over the globe, has some pretty specific feelings about food and travel. I spoke to him this week about his favorite (and not-so-favorite) experiences while he’s on the road. Here’s a sampling:

ShermansTravel: What are your favorite travel destinations?
Anthony Bourdain: That’s tough, but I guess I would say Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Brazil, or Beirut. Any of those places are great to visit.

ST: What have been your favorite food experiences while traveling?
AB: It’s really the simple things that are the best. Eating my first bowl of noodles in Vietnam. Having the first bowl of pasta or a simple ragu with a good wine in Italy. Eating some runny cheese in Spain. Having some spicy noodles sitting on a low plastic stool in Hong Kong.

ST: What’s in your travel bag?
AB: Laptop, iPad, iPhone, a good book, comfy shoes, and a lightweight down jacket to use as a pillow if I need to sleep on an airport floor.

Check our site on Monday to read the full interview. He’ll discuss his feelings about airline food, his favorite up-and-coming destinations for good eats, how he finds hidden foodie gems on the road, and more.


  • Danielle says:

    I love how much Anthony Bourdain advocates for travel, even to the most remote areas. He doesn’t just “visit”, but really tries to understand the history and culture of each place. This is great, can’t wait for the full interview!

  • Amanda Black says:

    I know, especially with Parts Unknown! I love how he’s trying to show multiple facets of culture, other than just food porn.

  • Lisa says:

    This really makes me want to go to all of the places he mentions!

  • Laura says:

    Excited for the Lybia episode this weekend. Not a place where people get to travel very often…

  • joan johnson says:

    was so pleased cnn picked you up for a series every sunday night. looking forward to libya tonight.
    insights are great–especially for those who can’t travel all over the world and can share diverse cultures you present.

  • shirley tedder says:

    i would love the opportunity to accompany mr.anthony on one of his unknown adventures. I love to travel.

  • Mark says:

    I CANNOT believe that Anthony Bourdain likes Popeyes! Clearly eating all of those obscure proteins has made him extremely forgiving of just how far from the true texture of chicken he’s willing to go!

  • Mandy Berman says:

    I love his idea about causing trouble on food forums.. such an inventive way to get passionate opinions from locals.

  • Rebecca says:

    Does your wife ever travel with you? How long are your vacations for when you visit a country?

  • Monnette says:

    Anthony Bourdain’s episode on the Philippines was disappointing. Not because of the No Reservations program or its staff itself but on the Filipino hosts. He still must have had questions on the culture of the Filipinos because of the food. There’s so much that he hasn’t tried when it comes to authentic Filipino cuisine.

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