Popular Travel PhotosWe all think our particular pose with the Leaning Tower of Pisa is so unique – but truth is, it’s been done before. We’ve tracked down seven more of the most-taken travel photos. Have you done them all? Probably.

1. The (Not Actually) Naked Cowboy in Times Square

Countless tourists are drawn to the Naked Cowboy – why? I’m not sure since 1. He’s not actually naked so it’s not really a spectacle, and 2. There are tons of them in Times Square! There goes the novelty.


Popular Travel Photos2. Trying to make a member of the Queen’s Guard laugh

Even I’ve done this! I failed, of course. But it was funny. Stupid and funny. Give it a try. You never know, you could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back!

Popular Travel Photos3. A photo with a street performer

…Any street performer. But, I’m especially partial to people who volunteer to be part of the actual performance.

Popular Travel Photos4. Mimicking the statues on Easter Island

Simple, straight to the point. Excellent execution.

Popular Travel Photos5. “Walking” like an Egyptian

It’s gotta be overdone when you catch Paris Hilton posing with the Pyramids of Giza “walking” like an egyptian.

Popular Travel Photos6. Holding up the Taj Mahal

This pose involves precision and planning. You’re truly dedicated when you go back and forth with your photographer (“a little to the right…no too far, left…not enough”) for just one photo.

Popular Travel Photos7. Eating the cherry at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

A ShermansTravel reader, Gary, suggested this popular Minnesota “Spoonbridge and Cherry” sculpture for inclusion. Big fan of this!

Tell us which popular travel photos we’ve missed in the comments!

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