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New Pope's SlippersIn honor of the new pope being announced, we thought, ‘what could we write about?’ Genius struck: places where it’s appropriate to wear red slippers, a la Jorge Mario Bergoglio. So here they are!

Vatican City1. Vatican City


But seriously, this probably isn’t cool. Pope Bergoglio might find offense to this.

Places to wear red slippers2. The couch


This seems like a no-brainer. Kick back anywhere you please and sport some fashionable red fuzzy ones.

Places to wear red slippers3. Hawaii

Did you know that in Hawaii, they call flip flops ‘slippers?’ That’s crazy – right?! What do they call slippers?

Places to wear red slippers4. Oz

Who could forget Dorothy’s famous glitzy heels? Of course she had to make this round-up!

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