Kon Tiki You may have heard of Kon-Tiki from the buzz it got at the Academy Awards in February, but you would’ve had to really want to see the movie to take the trip across the pond to watch it in Europe. But, now the best foreign film nominee is coming to the States…well, not the exact movie. The film was actually filmed in two languages, English and Norwegian, at the same time. How they pulled that off without going crazy? We’re not quite sure. But we do know one thing: This flick is worth a trip to theaters, come April 26.

To peak your interest, here’s a quick synopsis: In 1947 Thor Heyerdahl embarked on a quest to prove that Polynesia was first settled by Peruvians. He and five other adventurers built a historically accurate balsa wood raft and set sail on a 4,300 mile Pacific Ocean trip. After three dangerous and epic months at sea, the crew crashed ashore in Polynesia, proving Heyerdahl’s theory. Watch the trailer below.


We’re pretty excited to go out and watch the film, will you be buying a ticket?

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