Tunnel of LoveA kiss at the base of the Eiffel Tower, a hug on top of the Empire State Building, a glance and a wish at the Trevi Fountain. All of these things ring synonymous with romance. But what about a stroll along train tracks in a small town in Ukraine? Locals in Klevan, Ukraine call this lushly adorned train tunnel “The Tunnel of Love.” And who could blame them?

When the tracks burst to life in the spring (April to June), its not uncommon to catch couples walking hand-in-hand on the still-functioning railroad. (The three-kilometer-long stretch of tracks is used to transport wood to a factory at the end of the line.) Apparently, when the train is coming (they only run a few times each day), you can hear them from a ways off because of the tunnel. It’s said that lovers can come to the tracks and make a wish – if their love for one another is true, the wishes are supposed to come true!


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