The Best Chicago Pizza SpotsWhether you love deep-dish pie or are dedicated to the city’s thin-crust variety, Chicago is a pizza fan’s dream. When you visit, instead of going with the tourist crowd to Gino’s East, Pizzeria Uno (or Due), and Giordano’s, head to some of the most beloved locals-only spots? Take a look at our list and try not to get hungry:

The Art of PizzaThe Art of Pizza
Stuffed pizza fans flock to The Art of Pizza and claim it turns out the best stuffed pie in the city. See what they’re raving about for yourself: With a doughy interior crust and a crispy exterior, you get the best of both worlds, along with the tangy sauce. The thin-crust and deep-dish pies also have faithful followings. Don’t be daunted by the inevitable line – the wait is worth it.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria
It may be a chain, but this spot for Chicago-style pie remains a local favorite. It’s deep-dish but not too deep, so you can better taste all the flavors rather than have them buried in too much tomato sauce or cheese, and it has an excellent flaky crust. Better yet, if you find yourself yearning for pizza but can’t get there, Lou Malnati’s ships anywhere in the U.S.!


This specialist in thin-crust Neapolitan-style pizza uses a clean-burning coal oven. Coalfire pies take only about two minutes to bake, and the result is light, tasty, and easy to devour in seconds. If you’re a purist, go for the margherita, but meat lovers will drool over the possibility of a bite of either the sausage (with crumbles of Italian fennel sausage) or ‘nduja (with Calabrian salami) varieties.

Chicago pizzaPequod’s Pizza
This is another hallowed spot for folks who love deep-dish pizza. Pequod’s version includes a golden, caramelized crust and chunky sauce. Do yourself a favor and make sure you include sausage in your pizza order. The most vocal fans claim it as their favorite.

Macello Ristorante & Pizzeria
Transport yourself magically to the Puglia region of Italy at Macello’s, which serves Pugliese-style thin crust pizzas straight from a wood-burning oven. Thinner than Neapolitan pizzas, these feature a crispy, golden-brown crust. Try the pizza Macello with burrata, Cerignola olive, and Barese sausage.

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