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Icelandair Winter Flight DealsYour winter travel plans may not be on your mind yet, but here’s some incentive to start thinking about (and booking) them now: amazing flight deals. From Reykjavik to Oslo, Copenhagen, and more, you can fly round-trip this winter from multiple U.S. cities (New York, Denver, D.C., and others) on Icelandair from $546. As unappealing as cold weather might sound right now, these hot (well…so to speak) European destinations should give you something to look forward to this winter. Check out some of our favorite destinations and deals below.

  • Washington, D.C. to Reykjavik: $546 (March), $566 (November–January)
  • Denver to Reykjavik: $556 (November, January–March), $571 (December)
  • New York City to Reykjavik: $566 (November), $586 (January–March), $591 (December)
  • Boston to Reykjavik: $566 (November–March)
  • Seattle to Reykjavik: $596 (November–March)
  • New York City to Helsinki: $637 (November–December)
  • New York City to Stockholm: $643 (November–December)
  • Washington, D.C. to Helsinki: $682 (November), $722 (December)
  • Boston to Copenhagen: $706 (November–December)
  • Washington, D.C. to Oslo: $750 (November–December)

And these are just a few of these amazing deals! But act fast – these fares won’t last long. Go to to find more gateways and dates.


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