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Cool Google Street View PhotosWith news that Google Streetview sent a camera into Fukushima, the city that was abandoned after a 2011 Japanese earthquake cause the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiich nuclear power plant, we’re now able to see inside the now desolate town. Take a look at the eerie photos and others from around the world.

Cool Google Street View PhotosFukushima, JapanCool Google Street View PhotosFukushima, Japan – An abandoned bulldozer on the side of the roadCool Google Street View PhotosFukushima, Japan – A washed up boat and rubble gathered off the roadCool Google Street View PhotosBergen, Norway – “Scuba divers” chasing the carCool Google Street View PhotosChaurikharka, Nepal – A serene bridge high in NepalCool Google Street View PhotosCape Town, South Africa – Dedicated lugersCool Google Street View PhotosHeron Island, Great Barrier Reef – Bet you didn’t know Google went under waterCool Google Street View PhotosKhumjung, Nepal – An eerie shot with a person passing by the camera

Have you ever seen the Google car drive by? Share some of the coolest Google Streetviews you’ve ever seen below!

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