Vacation PhotobombAwkward people, poses, and situations. Sit back and enjoy as we bring you awkward travel photos every week!

Stingray strike

This is quite possibly the best photobomb I’ve seen yet. The fear and confusion on their faces is priceless – though absolutely understandable. Talk about great timing on the photog’s part! P.S. Did you know that’s what a stingray’s face looks like? *Shiver*


Awkward Vacation PhotosMilitary man

Dads have been doing this leisurely pose in too-short shorts for years. Why hasn’t it gone out of style? (We’re not sure.) And with a tank, nonetheless?!

Awkward Vacation PhotosNegative Nancy

This little girl couldn’t take one more second of stopping to smell the roses. Her sister was still interested. Mom and dad were too busy documenting the scene so the girls could remember it for years to come.

Vacation PhotobombCurious squirrel

Okay, I said the stingray photobomb was the best, but I’m seriously considering rescinding that statement. I mean…this is amazing! That, and I think I probably would have fallen over if this little guy popped up out of nowhere!

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