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Awkward Travel PhotosPerhaps it’s the voyeur in me, but there’s something so exciting about looking through other people’s photos and finding awkward ones. It’s like hitting the jackpot when I find something that makes me actually laugh out loud. So here, for your enjoyment (and our first installment), awkward travel photos!

Awkward Travel PhotosBurn, baby, burn

I’ve had a few embarrassing burns in my day, but never have I been so proud of them that I feel the need for documentation. Then again, I’ve also never felt the need to drive without my shirt on…

Awkward Travel PhotosCasual Ken; Pose perfect

I can understand a casual lean against the railing for a cruise photo, but a leg up looks like you’re either trying to show off your yoga skills or want to get your lady friend’s attention who’s agreed to take your photo.


Then there’s the second photo. We’ve all been there, but the difference is, when I’ve been forced to pose with a statue my parents have made me do it (not the other way around). Oh yeah, and it never became sexual. #PoseFail

Awkward Travel PhotosSite-seeing


This big rock looked like a good place to stop and take a scenic photo. Honestly, the biker gang was an added bonus to show the colorful local culture, characteristic of any great trip.

Have some hilariously awkward photos to share? Tweet them to me @amanda__black or to @shermanstravel and we might feature them next week!

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