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SkyMall Tuesday: Pugz Shoes


Pugz shoes dogs bootsWe love dogs here at SkyMall Tuesday HQ. We have two of our own. They’re both rescues. So we appreciate random dog cuteness. We’re very pro-dog. However, we’re pretty anti-dog clothing. Sure, some small dogs that can’t keep themselves warm might require a coat on cold winter days. But sweaters for indoor use? Costumes? Booties? That’s all so unnecessary and vain. Don’t get me wrong, though. I understand that the salt and sand that is scattered on roads and sidewalks to prevent people from slipping on ice can really hurt a dog’s paws. It’s a nuisance that dog owners dread every winter. It’s a real issue that needs to be avoided. But that doesn’t mean that you need to force your dogs to wear lame accessories. Walk around the salt. Coat your dogs paws in Vaseline before you head outside. Walk them through the snow to clean off any irritants. Do anything else but navigate over to SkyMall and purchase a set of Pugz Shoes.

Rather than go through my usual routine of convincing you that a SkyMall product solves some kind of problem, I’m just going to force you to watch a confused dog hobble around in a set of horribly gaudy boots while his owner laughs in maniacal delight. Please say no to dog boots.

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