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GoPilot Portable Urinal Attempts to Eliminate Road Trip Bathroom Breaks


GoPilot portable urinalWe’ve been thinking a lot about road trips (from destinations to carsickness). One issue we’ve yet to address is bathroom breaks. Nothing kills the momentum of a road trip faster than someone complaining that nature’s calling. Now, however, a new product is trying to keep you on the road while also allowing you to do your business. The GoPilot is an honest-to-goodness portable urinal.

The GoPilot comes with an accordion-style tube that connects to a plastic container. At the opening of the tube is a small funnel that allegedly keeps from missing your target. Just urinate into the tube and you never need to stop the car. Once you’ve emptied your bladder, you simply cap the bottle and store it in your vehicle until you have a chance to empty it out.

We’re torn on how we feel about this one. There were groans in the office from some of our travel experts who thought a portable urinal was just disgusting. I, for one, think that this might actually be useful.

At only $29.95, it’s a fairly affordable solution to a common road trip problem (though some of my coworkers would argue that a rest stop is a free solution to that problem).

There’s really only one way to find out. So, I think we’ll have to test the GoPilot on a road trip this summer. Stay tuned for more!

What about you? Would you relieve yourself in the car? Do you have your own road trip bathroom strategies? Share your stories in the comments.

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  • Michelle W says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I have four boys (all under age 7) and driving from Ohio to Florida every summer is a PAIN with so many little guys. I am SO excited to see a product like this! Can girls use it?

  • brian s says:

    Sounds great!!! Why didnt I come up with that! GENIUS!

  • Tammie says:

    No WAY. My boys can’t even seem to hit the toilet when standing still in the bathroom, so going in a funnel in a moving vehicle? Not so much. Also, cleaning this seems a little yuk.

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