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Lots of LuggageUS Airways travelers have to pay for their first two checked bags ($25 for the first and $35 for the second) – an industry norm by now – but flyers can now expect be slammed with spiked fees for overweight baggage that come with some sticker shock. The airline has increased the price of overweight baggage by up to 80 percent for tickets purchased after January 31, for travel after February 28. Flying with baggage over 50 pounds now costs $90 (up from $50); baggage over 70 pounds is now priced at $175 (up from $100). If you plan to check more bags after the first two, expect to pay $125 extra per bag (up from $100) for up to the maximum baggage allowance of nine bags. If you’re flying US Airways, be sure to pack light, or risk losing weight in your wallet.

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