Tucker's Point BermudaWhen it comes to testing out new and noteworthy spa treatments, I’m your guinea pig. I’ve been scrubbed down with pulverized seashells and moisturized with a wine-based body wrap. Once I even let an overzealous therapist named Olga talk me into pouring paraffin all over my face—resulting in the realization that I am a tad claustrophobic.

But even I had to raise an eyebrow recently when I read about a $100,000 special shower that’s part of the luxe spa spread at Tucker’s Point Hotel & Spa in Bermuda. That’s right, a six-figure human sprinkler.


Devised by the plumbing pros at TAG, the computer-controlled unit is equipped with 18 shower heads programmed to shoot water at different levels of intensity, temperature, and height (a little higher, near the shoulders please). Naturally, I had to give it a whirl, if only to brag to my girlfriends that I took a salary-worthy shower.


Intensity would be an apropos word to describe the experience, from the somewhat daunting control panel (“will it be relaxation, invigoration, circulation?”) to the kamikaze-like, cold-water deluge that rained down on my head at one point, prompting me to leap out of the shower. But once I had the right mix figured out—granted, it took a few tries—the one-of-a-kind spritzing was akin to a great hydro massage.

Bottom line: If you happen to find yourself at one of the handful of hotels around the world featuring this pricey contraption, it’s worth checking out. Tucker’s Point now has a few treatments that incorporate the indulgent device, including a sublime Tropical Rain Splash Therapy offering. You’ll emerge feeling like $100,000.

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