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Usgs EarthquakeTwitter was shakin’ as much as the earth this afternoon, when a 5.9 magnitude quake struck in Virginia and sent tremors as far north as Toronto. New York has reported little damage, but because it’s the largest city in the country and home to major media outlets, the slight tremors are getting plenty of attention. Fortunately, the fallout has been minimal (buildings, potentially including the Washington Monument, have been damaged in D.C., but no fatalities or serious injuries have been reported on the East Coast) – leaving realtime reporting ripe for cheeky quips and photos. We’ve picked our favorite travel responses so far:

East vs. West

1 Twitter Earthquake 2


The rivalries never die.

The Middle

2 Twitter Earthquake


Amenity Watch

3 Twitter Earthquake 2

Is that authentic earthquake experience included in the room rate?

Foodie Travel

4 Twitter Earthquake
We hear milkshakes are 20 percent off, natch.

Souvenir Shopping
5 Twitter Earthquake
Buttons would suffice, but T-shirts would be even better.

Hotel Survival

6 Twitter Earthquake

Well, fancy that.

What cheeky responses have you seen? Send them our way, or post in the comments.

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