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Qantas Take OffAll Qantas international flight schedules will return to normal tomorrow after a court ruling ended the strikes that led to the entire fleet’s grounding on Saturday. The Australian flag carrier has been embroiled in a bitter labor dispute for weeks now that has affected 600 flights and disrupted travel plans for more than 70,000 passengers.

The unprecedented grounding of 108 planes in 22 countries was the culmination of the airline’s months-long battle with unions representing pilots, aircraft mechanics, baggage handlers, and caterers. According to aviation experts, the shutdown will tarnish the reputation for reliability of the world’s 10th largest airline.


Qantas announced it will offer refunds and reimburse expenses of up to $250 a night for accommodation and $100 for meals and phone calls per person per day for those disrupted by the grounding. Passengers will be entitled to a full refund on tickets valid between 5pm on Saturday and today if they were purchased before the announcement of the cancellations.


Passengers with travel insurance questions or claims should contact their insurer as soon as possible.

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