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melted chocolate There are some people that love the idea of being slathered in chocolate. And this time of year there’s a spa for every one of them.

Cocoa powder baths, chocolate truffle facials, chocolate nib scrubs, and fondue-style body wraps are now as central to celebrating Valentine’s Day as a box of Godiva or a dozen roses.

I’ve had all of these treatments over the years for journalistic reasons – my favorite was at the Lapli Spa by ESPA at Marigot Bay on the island of St. Lucia, where they grow chocolate. And while I personally prefer to eat my chocolate, I’ve had to do some research on it to see if there’s any value to wearing it or soaking in it.


This is what I’ve learned: If the chocolate is dark enough, it will contain a number of antioxidants that may or may not penetrate the skin. Typically, the shot of caffeine you come into contact with has a fluid-draining and firming effect, which is why it’s added to eye creams and cellulite products.

So will chocolate transform your skin? No.

Will it make you seem like a giant romantic if you give a chocolate spa treatment as a gift? Probably.

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