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SavannahVision Airlines is one of the newest low-cost carriers that you’ve probably never heard of. The Georgia-based company operates Boeing 737 aircrafts to 23 U.S. airports in Miami, Savannah, Houston, Niagara Falls, Atlanta, Louisville, and a handful of other destinations (primarily in the south) with fares as low as $69 one-way (almost all are under $99).  By flying out of smaller airports, travelers will also avoid the long lines in baggage and security checks. Other conveniences include complimentary juice, sodas, and snacks in cabins, and seat selection is also free of charge. Most routes are nonstop and are set to begin March 25, but all scheduled routes will be up and running by April 11.

Sample Fares (One-Way)  Include:

  • Destin-Asheville: $69
  • Little Rock-Destin: $79
  • Greenville-Destin: $89
  • Niagara Falls-Miami: $99
  • Louisville-Atlanta: $99
  • Huntsville-St. Petersburg: $111
  • Savannah-Fort Myers: $111
  • And more!


THE VALUE:  Many of these routes are only serviced by a few airlines, so prices can hover in the $400-$500 range (round-trip). The same flight on Vision Airlines would cost half as much.


THE CATCH: Carry on, my friends. Checked baggage rates start at $15 a pop.

THE DETAILS: For more information, or to book a flight visit

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