Surrey Bar MixingA retro elegance pervades The Surrey, which first debuted on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in 1926 and then reopened last year with revamped Art Deco-inspired interiors, a Daniel Boulud restaurant, and a private rooftop garden. Locals regularly converge on the lounge, Bar Pleiades, but only guests may enjoy the in-room cocktail service. To take advantage, guests call down and order one of the signature cocktails (say, a blackberry mint margarita). Then a Surrey mixologist will bring all the accoutrements required to make the drink to the guest’s room and conduct a demonstration. After the brief lesson, he or she will leave, leaving you and yours to craft the next round. Best of all? The service is available 24 hours a day and doesn’t cost any more than ordering a round down at the bar.

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