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Indulge in Arab Culture with the Ritz-Carlton’s Shisha Sommelier


The Ritz-Carlton DIFCIn keeping with Arabic culture, the Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Finance Centre has introduced a Shisha Sommelier and Shisha Terrace, perfect for tobacco enthusiasts. Shisha, or hookah, is a common practice in the Middle East, allowing people to come together, relax, and enjoy smoking flavored tobacco. The Shisha Sommelier will greet guests with their choice of shisha and provide suggestions based either on the guest’s taste or based on his or her food and drink. Or, guests can opt to create their own unique shisha flavor, which will be remembered for future visits. The Shisha Terrace is in a convenient location, situated next to the pedestrian bridge connecting the Ritz-Carlton to the Dubai International Finance Centre. Guests can relax in the Terrace’s warm atmosphere while listening to the soothing bubbling of the hookahs and enjoying their very own blend of shisha.

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