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waxing for men Bliss spaWaxing. It isn’t just for backs anymore.

What started with body-conscious male models, Chelsea boys, and the more hirsute of husbands led sternly by the hand to the spa by their wives, has now made manscaping news with Diddy, and other celebs, doing the down-there hair-removing deed.


“More men are going Beckham-bare,” says Bliss Spa spokesperson Brooke Temner, which is why the Starwood-owned spas just launched the line of He-Wax services for guys.

Bliss’s He-Wax services use the spa’s signature blue-tinted Poetic Wax, and are meant for the places that no razor should ever go.

Given the terrain of this treatment, spa menus have typically flaunted their best puns for male waxing – like Boy-Zillian (the guy version of a woman’s all-bare Brazilian).

So Bliss butches it up a bit with its nomenclature: the Basic Brief ($35), for a little off the top and sides; Between-the-Cheeks ($40), I think this is pretty clear; to the Ultimate He-Wax ($120), for that summer Speedo, Men’s Health cover shoot, or just your average super-clean, hairless feeling.


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