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The Biggest LoserIf you’re motivated by the Biggest Loser series but would prefer to shed your extra lbs off camera, you can actually check in to a Biggest Loser Resort. There are two existing locations, in Invin, Utah, and Malibu, and a third on the map for the Eastern Seaboard in 2012. These resorts are directly inspired – guess you could call them spin offs – of the NBC show and are no-joke fitness camps where guests can work their butts off to achieve serious weight-loss results. Expect the kind of drill sergeant-led training programs you’d see Jillian Michaels belting out on the show. Go ahead and check out what a day entails at the Malibu property here. The resorts themselves don’t look particularly luxe. They’re really all about education, nutrition, and maintaining the “loser lifestyle.” (One can only hope the future franchise does some rebranding and loses the loser name. Does anyone really want to be called a big loser? How has that stuck?) We wouldn’t call a stay here a vacation, not even a fitness vacation. Pretty sure the only pleasurable part of your trip will be checking out a good 10 pounds lighter. But, the promise of weight loss is a powerful thing. Or so it seems. The Invin resort is booked solid through October. Rates start from $1,995/week for double occupancy or a shared room in Invin; $2,295 in Malibu. Prices include all meals and classes.

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