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In Flight LaptopAnother win for in-flight entertainment: American Airlines is adding streaming video to an additional 400 planes by the end of 2012, and more than 90 of those machines will already have that capability by the end of this year.


The nifty technology lets passengers stream movies and TV shows to their own laptops during the flight via WiFi (no additional charge for Internet, but you do have to pony up for each TV show and movie downloaded) and is currently only available on 15 767-200 aircraft, which primarily connect JFK to San Francisco and Los Angeles.


This move will outfit every WiFi-enabled plane with the on demand technology (eventually). Even better: Flyers on one of the 90 streaming video-equipped planes may download TV shows and movies for the introductory price of 99 cents and $3.99, respectively, until October 15. Plus, pay for one rental and score a coupon for a free Internet session on another flight (read: take advantage of the offer on the departing leg of the trip, so you can connect for free on the way home).

An important note: Currently, the service is only available on laptops, but iPhone, iPad, and other tablet connectivity is in the works.

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