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tsaline.jpgIn true, slow-poke government fashion, the Transportation Security Administration has finally joined the digital age and set up a forum for passengers to air the many frustrations (or occasional joys) of trudging through airport security.

The new TalktoTSA system, launched July 16, introduces an online comment sheet that lets flyers input their airport, flight number, time of travel, and any relevant complaints. The message is then fired off directly to the TSA agent responsible for customer service at that location.


This is certainly a useful idea, but in the era of smartphone video chats, free international calls on Skype, and even mile-high instant messaging, the comment form system seems somewhat antiquated – especially for a behemoth government administration charged with preventing terrorists from boarding planes.


Regardless, it is nice to know that if you feel mistreated by an agent or want to vent about a never-ending line at O’Hare there is somewhere to go.  But wouldn’t a list of email addresses be simpler – and possibly more effective?

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